Podcast: Saturday Millionaires, Episode 10


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What’s it really like to be a sideline reporter or part of the game day crew a television network? I tell you about my experience shadowing the ACC Network crew!

I went behind the scenes at the UVA vs. Louisville game last weekend to find out what it’s like to be sideline reporter. It’s so much more involved than the average fan thinks. Thank you to Raycom Sports and Rachel Baribeau for letting me tag along and showing me the ropes!


  • I was wondering if you think that college football coverage, regardless of network, focuses on the schematics of the game to the detriment of the bringing the pageantry of the games to the viewer? You guys spoke about the colour and excitement that differentiates the college game from the pros. Don’t you think the football vernacular and excess of coach-speak clouds out that special-something that defines college ball?

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