• Kristi:

    Found your information tonight. As someone who researches college sports financing I truly enjoyed and appreciated your information. I only wish that the general public could see the data that you have presented so as to understand that collegiate sports are big business for the special few, while a huge drain for the smaller non-BCS programs. Keep up the great work.

  • Great post Kristi. LSU is also one of the schools that turned a profit. We gave back around $8M to the University last year.

    Craig Pintens
    Assistant Athletic Director/Marketing

  • Kristi,

    A small correction that I just noticed:

    The Big Ten TV deal with ABC/ESPN runs through June of 2017, not 2016. The deal was for 10 years and started in August 2007.

    • You’re the idiot. The guy was just helping out. There’s nothing wrong in correcting a typo. I’m sure Kristi wants to get things are precise as possible and doesn’t mind the heads up.

  • Kristi,

    In your opinion what is the best grad school for someone who is looking to get connected into the business of college sports?

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  • Much has been made of travel costs with the “FSU to the Big12 talk”. WVU has reported their expenses to increase 1 million while FSU is expecting their increase to be 2-2.5 million. I see you as an authority here. Could you clear this up for me.

  • Kristi

    I’m a D1 GA doing a project on budgeting and wanted to know if you had any break-downs for construction of various athletic facilities. It would be a huge help. You can email me directly. Thanks!

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