Most Profitable #1

Most Profitable College Football Programs: #1 Texas

Most Profitable #1I recently wrote a piece for Smarty Cents about the finances of college football programs – where does the money come from (other than television), where does it go and who makes the most?

For the next 10 business days, I’m going to break down the Top 10 most profitable (with nonprofits it’s technically net revenue, not profit, but that doesn’t roll off the tongue) college football programs from 2012-2013.

#1 Texas

Football Revenues

Ticket Sales $34,416,141.00
Student Fees $0.00
Guarantees $400,000.00
Contributions $30,273,294.00
Compensation and Benefits Provided by a Third Party (car stipend, country club membership, entertainment allowance, clothing allowance, speaking fees, housing allowance, compensation from camps, radio/tv income, and shoe and apparel income) $0.00
Indirect Institutional Support (the value of facilities and services provided by the university and not charged to athletics) $0.00
Direct Institutional Support (institutional resources provided for athletics and unrestricted funds allocated to athletics by the university) $0.00
Government Support $0.00
NCAA and Conference Distributions (revenue from March Madness, conference television and sponsorship deals, etc.) $15,296,660.00
Broadcast, Television, Radio and Internet Rights (those not covered by conference-wide contracts) $0.00
Program Sales, Concessions, Novelty Sales and Parking $1,520,342.00
Royalties, Licensing, Advertisements and Sponsorships $25,934,289.00
Sport Camps $325,875.00
Endowment and Investment Income $652,874.00
Other $580,224.00
TOTAL $109,399,699.00

Football Expenses Continue reading

College Football's Most Profitable

College Football’s Most Profitable Programs

College Football's Most ProfitableI have a new piece over on Smarty Cents explaining how college football programs generate revenue and how it’s all spent. Here’s a sneak peek at the Top 10 most profitable programs (although it’s not really profit since they’re nonprofits, it’s net revenue, but that doesn’t really roll off the tongue)….

  1. Texas
  2. Michigan
  3. Georgia
  4. Florida
  5. LSU
  6. Alabama
  7. Notre Dame
  8. Oklahoma
  9. Auburn
  10. Ohio State

For the numbers and a more detailed breakdown, check out my piece on Smarty Cents. I’ll have more posts here on related topics in the near future!

College football Week 4

College Football Marketing/Public Relations: Week 4 Hits and Misses

College football Week 4

Every Tuesday during college football season, my colleague Allison Banko and I will be blogging about marketing and public relations hits and misses from the previous week. See anything that should make our list? Let us know by email or tweet us: @SportsBizMiss or @AllisonBanko!

Head over the our PR firm Reputation Ink’s blog to find out which schools and brands made our roundup for Week 4!

Tebow Time Documentary

Tebow Time: After the Clock Ran Out [Documentary]

Last spring, I was interviewed for a student documentary entitled Tebow Time: After the Clock Ran Out. I happened to be in law school during two years of Tebow’s time at Florida, and it’s a time I’ll never forget.

I first heard of Tebow when my grandfather, a fellow Gator and Jacksonville resident, called to tell me he’d committed to Florida. I didn’t follow much in terms of recruiting news, so I didn’t really know about Tebow. I’d learn pretty fast….

Love him or hate him, he holds a special place in Florida football history. I talk about what Tebow and the national championships in football and men’s basketball meant to the university around the 45:50 mark through 47:20.

Need tickets for Florida Gator football?


Dockers expands collegiate apparel line to 44 schools

Dockers, collegiate apparel, collegiate licensingLast fall, Dockers announced it would launch a line of Game Day Khakis for 10 schools, which expanded to 20 schools earlier this year. Available in three fits – Classic, Alpha and shorts – the line features an internal stamp of the school slogan and an embroidered school logo on the exterior.

Now Dockers is announcing it’s more than doubled its Game Day Khakis line with the addition of 24 more schools.rsz_f14_game_day_new_schools_group

The new schools include: Continue reading

Maryland and Under Armour 2

Maryland extends with Under Armour, debuts “Star Spangled” uniforms

The University of Maryland has extended its relationship with Under Armour for an additional 10 years through 2023-2024. Under Armour founder Kevin Plank is a University of Maryland graduate, so it’s no big surprise for Maryland has re-signed. The previous contract expired last December, but it called for a cash payments of $1.475 million annually and a product allowance of $1.9 million annually. The copy I have also has a handwritten notation by the cash provision that they receive an additional $368,750 per quarter.

No word yet on the money involved in the new Maryland contract. Notre Dame landed the nation’s largest apparel contract last year from Under Armour, worth a reported $90 million over 10 years, or $9 million annually in cash, equipment and apparel. Auburn, another Under Armour school, will receive $1.9 million in cash this year and $2.5 million in product. Fellow SEC and Under Armour school South Carolina is slated to receive $1.1 million in cash and $2.1 million in product.

Not only was Maryland’s last contract signed five years ago, but its athletics teams have since moved from the ACC to the Big Ten, where Maryland is only the second Under Armour school, joining Northwestern. It’ll be interesting to see what sort of bump Maryland gets with the new contract. Don’t expect Notre Dame money, but they should get a respectable increase.

The announcement of the new contract was accompanied by the unveiling of new “Star Spangled” uniforms for this weekend (see gallery below).

“The University of Maryland is an integral part of Under Armour’s history, culture and identity,” said Matt Mirchin, Executive Vice President, Global Marketing, Under Armour. “We look forward to continuing this remarkable partnership over the next decade and beyond, outfitting the Terrapin student-athletes and fans in the most innovative performance gear in the market.”

“We are excited to continue our outstanding partnership with Under Armour as we usher in a new era of Maryland athletics in the Big Ten Conference,” said Kevin Anderson, University of Maryland Athletic Director. “Kevin Plank and his entire team have been strong supporters of our athletic programs and our student-athletes who proudly don the Under Armour brand. This decade-long agreement showcases Under Armour’s unwavering commitment to the University of Maryland and our fans.”

This weekend, Maryland football players will sport historically-inspired uniforms paying homage to the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Baltimore at Fort McHenry and the Star Spangled Banner. Sneak peak photos below.

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