Why Women’s College Basketball Operates At A Deficit

Alabama Women’s Basketball has announced a new booster club: the Crimson Tide Center Court. A quick look at Alabama women’s basketball’s financials seemingly underscores the need for such a booster club. For fiscal year 2012, the program reported no donations. Ticket sales, conference distributions, licensing, sports camps and other revenues totaled $493,743 for the program, […]


New Texas Athletic Director Might Have Tough Job But Won’t Be Strapped For Cash

Just how plum is the athletic director job at University of Texas? Former acting commissioner of the Big 12 Chuck Neinas says, “it’s like going to the University of Heaven.” Apparently Neinas’ version of heaven is a giant cash box in the sky. Neinas says the most important part of an athletic director’s job revolves around […]

Cal’s Stadium Financing ‘Revelations’ Not So Shocking

Recently Jon Wilner wrote an in-depth series of articles about the issues surrounding the financing of the University of California – Berkeley stadium renovation.  Cal’s athletic director Sandy Barbour responded via letter to the editor in the same paper a few days later.  There are a number of issues embedded in these stories, but one I found […]

Triumphant Troy: USC wins deal to own LA Coliseum

By: Myles J. Robinson The Los Angeles Coliseum has been a staple in America sports, hosting two summer Olympics along with numerous Super Bowls and World Series. Holding on to tradition, the Coliseum Commission, University of Southern California advisors and Los Angeles Science Center board members have just finished their fight for financial control of […]

‘U’ of Miami, Other College Programs Expanding Engagement Strategy With Infographics

Whether it’s football, basketball, or any other college sport, box scores are pretty bland to say the least. They don’t really tell a story maybe like, let’s say, an infographic does. For the University of Miami (Fla.) and other college athletics programs, that’s exactly where they’re headed as they expand engagement with fans, alumni, and […]