How Much Did Schools Really Make on EA Sports Video Games?

By now you’ve likely heard about the $40 million settlement between EA Sports/Collegiate Licensing Company and the current and former student athletes involved in three class action lawsuits. Estimates have those current and former student athletes receiving  $48-951 per year they appeared on a video game roster. Have you ever wondered how much money the […]

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Important Clarification on University Subsidies to Athletic Departments

USA Today has released its annual report on college athletics finance. One category, “Total Subsidies,” always draws the most criticism. In USA Today’s explanation of its methodology, it defines this category as, “The sum of students fees, direct and indirect institutional support and state money. The NCAA and others consider such funds “allocated” or everything […]

College Athletes Can Form A Union: What’s Next?

The regional National Labor Relations Board in Chicago issued a stunning decision Wednesday, granting employee status and unionization rights to college football players at Northwestern University (PDF of decision here).  The decision will almost certainly be appealed to the national NLRB in Washington, D.C., and from there can move over into the federal appellate courts […]

January Athletic Construction Roundup

The Athletics Construction Roundup is a monthly series on the construction of athletics facilities. Each month I’ll provide you with a list of athletic construction projects in progress (and recently completed) across the country, including details on budget and scope of the project. Here are the construction projects from the past two months: University of […]

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Should Kansas Jump on the Luxury Suite Bandwagon?

By: Victoria Baldwin In 2012, Louisville’s basketball program brought in more than $42.4 million in revenue. Kristi Dosh, founder of BusinessofCollegeSports.com and author of a book on the business of college football, Saturday Millionaires, attributes the high revenue to luxury suites at Louisville’s KFC Yum! Center. Louisville is just one school taking advantage of revenue […]

FCS to FBS: Bowl Games

Yesterday, I shared some data on football programs that have moved from FCS to FBS from 1978-2010 in light of the news that UMass is spending more than projected since its move. The highlight – or really the lowlight – is that most programs who make the transition see less success on the football field […]

Highest Grossing Football and Basketball Programs

ESPN The Magazine has a great infographic about Louisville being the most profitable basketball program in the country. What’s most impressive, however, is how much revenue Louisville basketball generates compared to most major college football programs. For fiscal year 2012, the Cardinals basketball program ranked 22nd amongst FBS-level football and basketball programs: School Sport Revenue 1 […]