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SEC Financials ’10-’11

The next conference we’re looking at is the SEC. The ACCBig XIIBig EastC-USABig TenMAC and Pac-12 have been previously posted. The chart is sorted by ’10-11 profits for each football and basketball program from greatest profit to least. The “% Invested” column shows how much of the specific sport’s revenue goes back into that specific sport. Please read below before viewing the financials.

About the data: All of the data is from reports each school files with the US Department of Education. It is the only available data for both public and private universities. However, there can be variances in how each school chooses to report data. For example, each school can decide for itself whether to break out television revenue by sport or leave it in a generic revenue category, which causes variances. After speaking with dozens of schools the most common practice appears to be attributing the majority of television revenue to football and a portion to basketball. The most common split is 65/35.

There are also variances from year-to-year, so be careful when comparing this data to last year’s data. For example, Florida State’s football program showed a gain of approximately $14 million from ’09-’10 to ’10-’11. When contacted for comment FSU explained that in ’10-’11 they broke out contributions by sport, which they hadn’t done previously.

Although far from perfect, this data is the only available data for all Division I programs. We just want to make you aware of the possible variances and will let you draw your own conclusions.

d*When contacted about the large disparity between ’09-’10 and ’10-’11 football profits, University of South Carolina indicated they changed their reporting procedures. In ’09-’10, South Carolina broke donations to the Gamecock Club donations about by sport based on ticket sales. However, for ’10-’11 South Carolina reported all Gamecock Club donations in the non-sport specific revenue category.



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