Last Updated on October 7, 2014

Lauren Nevidomsky

Writer and Assistant Editor

Lauren Nevidomsky is currently a 1L at University of Virginia School of Law. She earned her BS in Management and BA in Political Science from Binghamton University in December 2014. While at Binghamton, she had the opportunity to intern for Binghamton’s Athletic Department as a Sports Marketing Intern. She has been writing for Business of College Sports for over a year.

Lauren ‘s goal is to one day use her law degree to become General Counsel for a major sports league. Additionally, she is fluent in Russian. Her favorite sport is Hockey, and she is still waiting for the New York Rangers to win when she actually has a memory of it (she was 1 ½ when they last won).

Follow her on Twitter @Nevidomsky92 and connect with her on LinkedIn here.

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