Last Updated on January 11, 2023

Disclaimer: This information is made available for educational purposes.  It provides general information and is not intended to provide specific legal advice. This information should not be used as a substitute for competent legal advice from a licensed attorney in your jurisdiction. We update the information as often as possible, but you should check with the Secretary of State’s office in each state for the latest information.

Wondering how to become a registered sports agent so you can work with college student athletes? Many states require that you be registered in the states where you’re representing clients, so we’ve gone through the state athlete agent laws and done our best to find all the sports agent requirements, fees and applications to help you operate legally as an athlete agent.

Unfortunately, many student athletes are signing with people who haven’t gone through the sports agent registration process, which is a risk to both the agent and the student athlete.

Parents/Athletes: If you’re a student athlete or parent who wonders if you need an agent or how to find the best one for you, check out my guide here.

Last Updated on January 11, 2023

State (link to law)Test Required?FeesSurety BondOther things to note
ArkansasNo$500 for new license. $500 if renewal. $100 if based on app from another stateApplication here
AlabamaNo$200 initial application fee, reduced to $100 if registered in another state that meets the AL standards; $100 renewal fee where registered in AL or another state that meets the AL standardsCommission only meets quarterly to consider applications; link to application
AlaskaNo law
CaliforniaNoFiling disclosure statement: $30; Filing an amendment to a disclosure statement: $20; more on fees$100,000California requires the filing of a disclosure statement;
ColoradoNoNoNot requiredRegistration law has been repealed
ConnecticutNo$200 for initial registration and for renewal of two years. Same fee applies for registration that began in another state.$100,000
DelawareNoNoNot requiredRegistration law has been repealed
District of Columbia$400 initial fee; $400 renewal feeApplication instructions’ here
FloridaNo$630 initial application fee; $220 renewal fee in even-numbered years; $505 reinstatement feeApplication here; you can get a temporary athlete agent license while the application is pending, but only for 60 days with no extensions
GeorgiaNo$200 initial application fee; $250 annual renewal fee; $500 reinstatement$10,000Application here
HawaiiNoDepends on year: if an even numbered year the fee is $357; if odd number year then fee is $497. Have to renew license by June 30 of every even-numbered year. More infoNot requiredApplication here
IdahoNoNoNot requiredRegistration law has been repealed
IllinoisNoNoNot requiredRegistration law has been repealed – license issued by the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation is no longer required.
IndianaNo$700 filing fee via check or money orderNot requiredApplication here. An individual may act as an agent without being registered as an agent if: the athlete initiates the contact, and no later than a week after the first contact the individual has submitted an application to be an agent.
IowaNo$500 registration and $500 for renewals$25,000Application here
KansasNo$515Not requiredApplication here
KentuckyNo$300 for an initial application and $200 for the renewal application that originated in Kentucky; $250 for an initial application and renewal application with a license that originated outside of KentuckyNot requiredApplication here
LouisianaHave to be certified by the corresponding players association before an individual can apply for agent registration$100 filing feeNot requiredApplication here. An attorney licensed to practice under the Louisiana state bar and is an active member of the Louisiana Bar Association, is not required to pay the registration fee. The attorney does have to pay their annual membership dues and be in good standing.
MaineNo law found
MarylandNo$25 to be sent in with the initial application; if approved an invoice will be sent for an additional $1,000Application here. Check with state department to see if surety bond is required, not specifically stated in law. However, they are available for purchase as seen at the link connected.
MassachusettsNo law found
MichiganNo law foundNIL law mentions agents but no requirements
MinnesotaNo$500 for initial application fee; $400 for renewal feeNot requiredApplication here
MississippiNo$200 for initial application; $200 renewal fee;Not requiredApplication here
MissouriNoApplication Fee: $70.00; State Criminal Records Check: $20.00; Federal Criminal Records Check: $13.25Not requiredApplication here
MontanaNoNot required
NebraskaNo$300 for an initial application (good for two years); $150 for renewal fee every two yearsNot requiredApplication here
NevadaNo$500 for initial registration and renewalApplication here. In lieu of the surety bond requirement, a registrant or business entity may deposit an appropriate penal sum cash bond with the Secretary of State. 
New HampshireNo$100 application fee; biennial renewal $50; more info hereNot requiredApplication here
New JerseyNo law found
New MexicoNo$250 for initial application; $250 for renewalNot requiredApplication here
New YorkNo$100 for initial registration application (registration is for two years); $50 for renewal applicationNot requiredApplication here. If an individual is licensed in another state, they can submit a copy of their original application and certificate instead of filing a new application.
North Carolina$200 initial filing fee; $200 annual renewal feeNot requiredApplication here. No need to register if you are a licensed NC attorney, who is a resident of NC, who represents no more than two student-athletes, and you do not advertise or claim you are qualified to represent student-athletes.
North DakotaNo$250 for initial application fee; $150 for renewal of in and out-of-stateNot requiredApplication here
OhioNo$500 for an Individual License and/or $500 for a Business Entity License (Individual and Business licenses last 2 years); $500 renewal fee$15,000 surety bond OR a certificate of deposit for $15,000 in an account assigned the state of Ohio OR certificate from agents insurance that they have a professional malpractice insurance policy equal to or greater than $50,000, or lesser than if they received approval from the Ohio Athletic CommissionApplication here
OklahomaNo$1,000 for initial application and renewal$50,000Application here
OregonNo$250 for initial application fee; $150 for renewal application fee; $150 initial application based on registration from qualifying state; $150 for renewal application based on registration from qualifying stateNot requiredApplication here
PennsylvaniaNoFor both the initial registration and renewal: $200 for an individual application or $400 for a partnership, association, corporation or other legal entity; a $100 processing feeA surety bond or an alternate security for at least $20,000Application here. Criminal record check also required.
Rhode IslandNo$50 for initial application; $25 for renewal applicationNot requiredApplication here
South CarolinaNo$1,500 initial application per agent; $700 renewal filing fee every two yearsNot requiredBusiness/organization application here; Employee/agent application here
South DakotaNo$100 for initial application from in-state; $50 for application that was previously registered in another state; $25 renewal feeNot requiredApplication here
TennesseeNo$500 for initial registration; $200 renewal fee$25,000 surety bondApplication here
TexasNo$500 filing fee; $500 renewal fee annually$50,000; separate $100,000 surety bond if providing financial services under a financial services contract; form hereApplication here
UtahNo$510 application feeNot requiredManual application here; Online application here
VermontNo law found
VirginiaNoFor a one-year registration or renewal, the fee is $700; For a two-year registration the fee is $1,150Not requiredApplication here. A temporary certificate of registration may given to an individual while their application for registration or renewal is pending.
WashingtonNoNoNot requiredAthlete agent disclosure form requirements
West VirginiaNo$100 for initial registration fee; $50 for renewalNot requiredManual application here. Create an online account to apply here. A temporary certificate of registration may given to an individual while their application for registration or renewal is pending.
WisconsinNo$700 for registration or renewal (lasts for two years)Not requiredApplication here
WyomingNoNoNot required

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