Tweet Madness: Midwest, Round 2

Last Updated on June 5, 2014

Matchup 1: 1 Wichita State vs. 16 Cal. Poly

Wichita State(@GoShockers)Cal Poly (@CalPolyMBB)
# of Followers16.4K1069
# of Tweets15.5K409
Klout Score6850
PeerReach Score (Sports)#21,418#35,000
PeerReach Score (Basketball)N/AN/A
Social Authority Score7417

As much as I am in love with the Wichita State Athletic’s Twitter handle (lots of retweets, organic tweets, pictures, and great hashtags) and its overall Social Media presence, including its own YouTube Channel, it would be unfair if I gave it the win since I have been very biased against schools without accounts just for the Basketball team. Kudos to Cal Poly, though, since after its win, it has gained almost 200 followers and increased its Klout score by 1.

Winner: Cal Poly

Matchup 2: 8 Kentucky vs. 9 Kansas State

Kentucky(@KentuckyMBB)Kansas State(@KStateSports)
# of Followers63.9K42K
# of Tweets3,59514.6K
Klout Score7067
PeerReach Score (Sports)#20,441#5,882
PeerReach Score (Basketball)N/AN/A
Social Authority Score6673

Once again, with Kansas State, we have a team that is doing great things with social media overall, with accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Youtube; yet, they do not have a dedicated Twitter handle for the Men’s Basketball team. Despite this, Kentucky’s account still has more followers and a higher Klout score, even though its account is only dedicated to the Men’s Basketball team.

Winner: Kentucky

Matchup 3: 5 St. Louis vs. 12 N.C. State

St. Louis(@SaintLouisMBB)NC State (@PackMensBball)
# of Followers6,99928.7K
# of Tweets2,2428,440
Klout Score6470
PeerReach Score (Sports)#20,300#13,512
PeerReach Score (Basketball)N/A#2,901
Social Authority Score5566

Saint Louis’s Twitter presence cannot compete with N.C. State’s. Additionally, since its win, N.C. State has increased its Twitter followers by roughly 400, increased its Klout score by 1, and gone up 10 spots in popularity in the Sports PeerReach group.

Winner: N.C. State

Matchup 4: 4 Louisville vs. 13 Manhattan

# of Followers42.8K3,711
# of Tweets5,3288,910
Klout Score6763
PeerReach Score (Sports)#3,850#36,927
PeerReach Score (Basketball)N/AN/A
Social Authority Score7046

These two teams catch a break because neither one of them has an account dedicated to the Basketball team. As a result, when comparing the Twitter accounts of the Athletic programs as a whole, Louisville easily wins this matchup. An interesting thing to note: Both teams have the a similar Twitter Name – “@Go(Team Mascot)”

Winner: Louisville

Matchup 5: 6 UMass vs. 11 Tennessee

# of Followers11.5K37K
# of Tweets27K11.9K
Klout Score6370
PeerReach Score (Sports)#25,793#5,466
PeerReach Score (Basketball)N/A#2,310
Social Authority Score7075

Unfortunately, once again, without a dedicated Basketball account, UMass is another one of those teams that just cannot compete in this bracket. Since its First Four win, Tennessee has increased its followers and Klout score by 1, which has also been the case with other First Four game winners.

Winner: Tennessee

Matchup 6: 3 Duke vs. 14 Mercer

# of Followers48.2K1,239
# of Tweets8,3061,057
Klout Score7260
PeerReach Score (Sports)#4,660N/A
PeerReach Score (Basketball)#1,568N/A
Social Authority Score7324

Duke is clearly not just dominant on the court – it has also found a way to create a great Twitter presence for itself with tens of thousands of followers, and high Klout and Social Authority Scores. One thing I do like about Mercer’s Twitter account, though, is its use of #MercerMadness and #OurYear.

Winner: Duke

Matchup 7: 7 Texas vs. 10 Arizona State

Texas(@TexasMBB)Arizona State(@SunDevilHoops)
# of Followers14.5K5,117
# of Tweets4,9967,648
Klout Score6865
PeerReach Score (Sports)#8,774#43,516
PeerReach Score (Basketball)#2,361N/A
Social Authority Score6443

Even though Arizona State has over 2500 more tweets than Texas does, Texas wins in every other category, with landslide victories in number of followers, PeerReach group popularities, and Social Authority score. If Arizona State can get the upset on the court, I will be intrigued to see how their Twitter presence is affected.

Winner: Texas

Matchup 8: 2 Michigan vs. 15 Wofford

# of Followers101K4,127
# of Tweets11.3K6,610
Klout Score7961
PeerReach Score (Sports)#3,048#11,100
PeerReach Score (Basketball)#1,703N/A
Social Authority Score8152

Michigan has some of the best statistics we’ve seen in this bracket to date. I can definitely see it going deep into the tournament, if not winning it all!

Round 3 Matchups

Matchup 1: 16 Cal Poly vs. 8 Kentucky

Matchup 2: 12 N.C. State vs. 4 Louisville

Matchup 3: 11 Tennessee vs. 3 Duke

Matchup 4: 7 Texas vs. 2 Michigan


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