Tweet Madness: South, Round 2

Last Updated on June 5, 2014

Welcome back to Tweet Madness! In this installment, and thereafter, a new category will be added: Followerwonk’s Social Authority Score. The Social Authority score measures a user’s influential content on Twitter based on how many of its followers are retweeting the user’s tweets and how recent those retweeted tweets occurred.


Round 1

Matchup 1: 1 Florida vs. 16 Albany

 Florida (@GatorZoneMBK)Albany (@UAlbany_MBB)
# of Followers23.6K824
# of Tweets10.5K682
Klout Score7354
Peerreach Score (Sports)#6,526N/A
Peerreach Score (Basketball)#3,367N/A
Social Authority Score6519

Florida’s national athletic reputation across all sports, and in particular basketball, is what drives its Twitter dominance. Albany poses zero threat in this matchup.

Winner: Florida

Matchup 2: 8 Colorado vs. 9 Pittsburgh





# of Followers9,6006,110
# of Tweets5,5812,688
Klout Score6662
Peerreach Score (Sports)#27,611#40,153
Peerreach Score (Basketball)#8,824#9,722
Social Authority Score6350

Yet another matchup where one wins by a landslide. Although Pittsburgh’s Klout Score is creeping up on Colorado’s score, Colorado still wins in every single category.

Winner: Colorado

Matchup 3: 5 VCU vs. 12 Stephen F. Austin



# of Followers16.3K1,958
# of Tweets16.3K1,717
Klout Score6659
Peerreach Score (Sports)#26,195#41,700
Peerreach Score (Basketball)#4,398N/A
Social Authority Score6937

The VCU Men’s Basketball team has been rising in popularity ever since its magical journey to the Final Four three years ago. Perhaps if SFA is able to go deep into the tournament, it too will see an increase in its national recognition, and subsequently, its Twitter followers and reach.

Winner: VCU

Matchup 4: 4 UCLA vs. 13 Tulsa

 UCLA (@UCLAMBB)Tulsa (@TUMBasketball)
# of Followers14K1,569
# of Tweets3,3591,201
Klout Score6857
Peerreach Score (Sports)#20,317#18,400
Peerreach Score (Basketball)#3,367N/A
Social Authority Score6335

Although Tulsa beats UCLA in its Sports Peerreach Score, UCLA dominates in every other category. Perhaps most significant is the amount of followers UCLA has in comparison to the amount that Tulsa has.

Winner: UCLA

Matchup 5: 6 Ohio State vs. 11 Dayton

 Ohio State (@OhioStateHoops)Dayton (@DaytonMBB)
# of Followers36.7K8,056
# of Tweets6002,368
Klout Score6762
Peerreach Score (Sports)#7,651#28,888
Peerreach Score (Basketball)#2,959N/A
Social Authority Score5655

Although Ohio State only has a measly 600 Tweets, it wins in every other category, including an overwhelming win in number of followers. I can foresee the number of tweets for Ohio State being its downfall in subsequent rounds, but for now it comes out on top.

Winner: Ohio State

Matchup 6: 3 Syracuse vs. 14 Western Michigan

 Syracuse (@SyrBasketball)Western Michigan (@WMUMBB)
# of Followers42.1K609
# of Tweets28.6K531
Klout Score6857
Peerreach Score (Sports)#3,729N/A
Peerreach Score (Basketball)#1,418N/A
Social Authority Score7118

As a Basketball Powerhouse, it is no wonder that Syracuse wins every category by the biggest margins we’ve seen so far. What is interesting to note though, with only 138 days spent on Twitter thus far, WMU is already averaging 3.8 tweets/day. If WMU keeps tweeting at a regular pace, it can surely win some devout followers, but it will be a long time before it even poses even a minor threat to Syracuse’s Twitter prowess.

Winner: Syracuse

Matchup 7: 7 New Mexico vs. 10 Stanford

 New Mexico (@UNMHoops)Stanford (@StanfordBball)
# of Followers4,1525,033
# of Tweets3,3205,218
Klout Score6264
Peerreach Score (Sports)#31,100#16,390
Peerreach Score (Basketball)N/A#4,193
Social Authority Score3956

We finally have our first upset! However, with only 336 days on Twitter, in comparison to Stanford’s 1,767 days, New Mexico has actually been tweeting on a more regular basis, and thus poses a big threat to Stanford’s Twitter presence in this matchup. However, at the end, Stanford ekes out the slight victory.

Winner: Stanford

Matchup 8: 2 Kansas vs. 15 Eastern Kentucky

 Kansas (@KU_Hoops)Eastern Kentucky (@EKUHoops)
# of Followers2,1862,104
# of Tweets8063,231
Klout Score5561
Peerreach Score (Sports)#4,371#42,300
Peerreach Score (Basketball)#1,848N/A
Social Authority Score4230

I would have never guessed how much of a close call this matchup is. Considering Kansas’s program dominance year in and year out, I surely would have predicted that their Twitter presence would reflect the success they’ve had on the court. Although Kanas technically wins in 2/3 of the categories, Eastern Kentucky earns the victory here. Its Klout score is much higher, and for a school with less national recognition, it does not have that many fewer Twitter followers. Additionally, with 286 days less on Twitter (Kansas has 849 days and EKU has 563 days), EKU has over 2400 more tweets. These few things alone give EKU the narrow edge.

Winner: Eastern Kentucky


Round 3 Matchups:

Matchup 1: 1 Florida vs. 8 Colorado

Matchup 2: 5 VCU vs. 4 UCLA

Matchup 3: 6 Ohio State vs. 3 Syracuse

Matchup 4: 10 Stanford vs. 13 Eastern Kentucky

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