Tweet Madness: West, Round 2

Last Updated on June 5, 2014

Matchup 1: 1 Arizona vs. 16 Weber St.

Arizona(@APlayersProgram)Weber St.(@WeberStateMBB)
# of Followers19K884
# of Tweets3,148597
Klout Score7148
PeerReach Score (Sports)#2,700                         #21,300
PeerReach Score (Basketball)N/AN/A
Social Authority Score6122

As has been the case before, the number 1 seed easily beats the 16 seed in terms of Twitter presence. Even though Weber State (959 days) has spent almost 4 times the amount of days on Twitter than Arizona (266 days) has, it has not been able to garner anywhere close to the same amount of followers as Arizona. It also does not tweet very often, as this is yet another school that relies more on its main athletic handle (@weberstate), than its basketball one.

Winner: Arizona

Matchup 2: 8 Gonzaga vs. 9 Oklahoma St.

Gonzaga(@ZagMBB)Oklahoma St.(@OSUMBB)
# of Followers9,81515K
# of Tweets1,0464,358
Klout Score6066
PeerReach Score (Sports)#46,539#25,008
PeerReach Score (Basketball)N/A#9,270
Social Authority Score5569

Although the Oklahoma State Cowboys win in every category, there is an interesting thing to note about Gonzaga’s Twitter. According to Followerwonk, 67% of Gonzaga’s timeline is retweets of other accounts. This shows that it is interacting with other users very often. A quick scan of its timeline shows that Gonzaga is not only retweeting its own athletic department, but former players who are now in the NBA, commentators, ESPN professionals, college basketball writers, and more. This makes for an interesting timeline for followers. Despite this, Oklahoma St. still takes this matchup.

Winner: Oklahoma St.

Matchup 3: 5 Oklahoma vs. 12 North Dakota State

Oklahoma(@OU_MBball)North Dakota State(@NDSUmbb)
# of Followers16.4K1,871
# of Tweets5,1451,251
Klout Score6959
PeerReach Score (Sports)#15,586#36,600
PeerReach Score (Basketball)#4,605N/A
Social Authority Score6535

This is our third landslide victory in the West!

Winner: Oklahoma

Marchup 4: 4 San Diego St. vs. 13 New Mexico St.

San Diego St.(@GoAztecs)New Mexico St.(@NMStateAggies)
# of Followers14.3K4,598
# of Tweets22K14.3K
Klout Score6860
PeerReach Score (Sports)#8,381#13,900
PeerReach Score (Basketball)N/AN/A
Social Authority Score6155

This is a unique matchup as both schools do not have a Twitter handle solely dedicated to the basketball team. In this matchup, San Diego State rolls over New Mexico State. However, do not expect SDSU to stay in the competition for much longer, as it will likely lose out to a school that has a Basketball account in the next round.

Winner: San Diego State

Matchup 5: 6 Baylor vs. 11 Nebraska

# of Followers18.9K21.9K
# of Tweets11.7K11.2K
Klout Score7069
PeerReach Score (Sports)#7,599#20,779
PeerReach Score (Basketball)#2,308#5,667
Social Authority Score7762

This is one of the closer matchups we’ve seen, especially if you concentrate on the first three categories. However, with Baylor’s better recognition in both of the PeerReach groups, Baylor comes out victorious.

Winner: Baylor

Matchup 6: 3 Creighton vs. 14 Louisiana-Lafayette

# of Followers14.9K11.1K
# of Tweets2,08013.5K
Klout Score6562
PeerReach Score (Sports)#33,593#34,644
PeerReach Score (Basketball)#7,997N/A
Social Authority Score5959

Even though Louisiana-Lafayette’s account is for all of its athletic teams, Creighton’s Men’s Basketball account still beats the Ragin’ Cajuns in almost every category. One thing Lousiana-Lafayette does well, though, is that 65% of the tweets on its timeline include URL links. A lot of these links provide news and commentary about each team’s last game or event. These type of tweets should be replicated for an individual Men’s Basketball Account. For now, fans of the team can follow Men’s Basketball Head Coach Bob Marlin (@bobbymarlin).

Winner: Creighton

Matchup 7: 7 Oregon vs. 10 BYU

# of Followers16.3K13.4K
# of Tweets7,0885,148
Klout Score6963
PeerReach Score (Sports)#11,311#20,915
PeerReach Score (Basketball)#3,674#6,837
Social Authority Score7249

The only categories in which BYU even comes close are number of tweets and Klout score. One way for BYU to increase their Twitter presence perhaps is to get the upset on the court. For now, however, Oregon easily wins this matchup.

Winner: Oregon

Matchup 8: 2 Wisconsin vs. 15 American

# of Followers32.2K1,776
# of Tweets15.1K2,895
Klout Score7262
PeerReach Score (Sports)#4,838#58,109
PeerReach Score (Basketball)#2,518N/A
Social Authority Score7641

We finish up the West 2nd Round with another decisive victory. Wisconsin is a school much more known than for its sports than American is, so it is no wonder that it dominates in each of these categories, as its fans clearly want to follow them on social media. While looking at American’s timeline, one can tell that it is doing a good job retweeting other accounts and tweeting pictures, but it will be a long time until it catches up to the number of tweets Wisconsin has.

Winner: Wisconsin

Round 3 Matchups:

Matchup 1: 1 Arizona vs. 9 Oklahoma St.

Matchup 2: 5 Oklahoma vs. 4 San Diego St.

Matchup 3: 6 Baylor vs. 3 Creighton

Matchup 4: 7 Oregon vs. 2 Wisconsin

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