Check Out the New Coach Prime Motorola Razr Phone

Last Updated on May 12, 2024

Deion “Coach Prime” Sanders has launched a new Motorola smartphone with Boost Mobile. The premium foldable phone has a black and gold finish and features both his “You Gotta Believe” mantra and signature on the body.

It retails for $149.99, but customers who subscribe to Boost Mobile’s $60/mo. plan at a Boost Mobile store can get the device for free.

In addition to the fancy hardware, customers who purchase the new Coach Prime Motorola Razr phone will also receive weekly motivational messages from Coach Prime, along with a selection of exclusive backgrounds. Anyone purchasing within the first month is also eligible to receive a surprise phone call from Coach Prime.

“I grew up watching Deion in Atlanta and am beyond thrilled to have Coach Prime on our team,” said Sean Lee, SVP of Consumer Product and Marketing, Boost Mobile. “Coach Prime is a proven leader who works hard, knows what it takes to win and is a strong community advocate. Get ready for more exciting things to come from Boost Mobile and Coach Prime powered by our own
5G network.”

“I’m all about connectivity and BABY, WE GOT THAT! It’s been A BLESSING to spend the past couple of months getting to know this WONDERFUL team. Learning what they’ve achieved, what they BELIEVE, and most importantly HOW they aspire to continue to push the envelope,” said Coach Prime. “First and foremost, my signature motorola razr is NEXT LEVEL and I wanna see each and every darn one of you rocking these! But what I’m most excited about is to be a part of the FAMILY that is building the most modern 5G wireless network all while offering the most competitive wireless plans that can reach EVERYBODY. Like I said, I’m all about connectivity and WE GOT YOU COVERED on every darn aspect!”

See details of Deion Sanders’s contract

As part of the partnership, Coach Prime will also spearhead Boost Mobile ‘Boost the Block’ initiatives aimed at fostering connections in underserved communities with his unique style and magnetic, inspirational personality. Expect to see him in Boost Mobile’s advertising across its marketing initiatives and social media platforms.

The phone pairs pretty nicely with Coach Prime’s sunglasses from Blenders.

This isn’t Boost Mobile’s first foray into partnering with big names in college sports. It was an early admission into the NIL landscape in 2021, and in 2022 the brand shared with me just how well their NIL campaigns were performing.

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