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2014-15 CFP Payouts vs. 2013-14 BCS Payouts

Below is a complete list of 2014-15 College Football Playoff payouts and 2013-14 Bowl Championship Series Payouts by conference.

DISTRIBUTION BY CONFERENCE2013-14 (BCS)2014-15 (CFP)% Increase
Mountain West$3,591,309$23,465,188553%
Conference USA$2,992,757$16,339,754446%
U.S. Naval Academy$100,000$307,544208%
U.S. Military Academy$100,000$307,544208%
Brigham Young$100,000$307,544208%
Sun Belt$4,189,860$11,963,453186%
Big 12$34,197,751$64,700,80189%
Big Ten$34,197,751$63,978,92787%
Atlantic Coast$34,197,751$58,260,64970%
Ohio Valley$250,000$250,0000%
Southwestern Athletic$250,000$250,0000%
Big South$250,000$250,0000%
Missouri Valley (Gateway before 2008-09)$250,000$250,0000%
Notre Dame$2,319,639$2,321,2580%
Big Sky$250,000$250,0000%
Atlantic 10 (Colonial in 2007-08)$250,000$250,0000%
Big East /American Athletic$27,897,751$15,214,320-45%
New Mexico State$100,000N/AN/A
TOTAL DISTRIBUTION TO CONFERENCES$210,824,276$408,433,18994%


Note: New Mexico State and Idaho played at the FBS level as indepenents in 2013-14 after the WAC dropped FBS football. Both joined the Sun Belt for 2014-15.


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