College Athletics Facilities Roundup Returns

Last Updated on March 28, 2023

As many of you know, I started when I was still a practicing attorney. In 2011, I left my law practice to become ESPN’s sports business reporter. Much has happened since then — writing for different outlets, publishing my book Saturday Millionaires and more — and hasn’t always been something I could maintain single-handedly.

The one piece of content I get requested to bring back most often is the College Athletics Construction Roundup, a monthly roundup of the latest construction projects across the college athletics landscape. Over the years, I’ve shared the author duties on that roundup with multiple up-and-coming college athletic administrators, most of whom eventually moved on to more gainful FT employment.

Recently, I recommitted myself to and began a complete overhaul of the site. Much of that is still ongoing, but I’m pleased to announce I’m bringing back the roundup!

The new roundup will be called the BCS Facilities Roundup. It will be available both here on and through our newsletter the first week of every month.

If you’re an institution, architect, construction company or other party that wishes to submit a project for consideration, please contact me to send the details of your project and any images that can be shared.

If you’d like to sign up to receive the monthly newsletter, you can do so below. The first one will be available in early November 2019.

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