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Last Updated on September 4, 2021

MTBCS holiday gifty Christmas gift to all my loyal readers this year is a look at the finances of all of the FBS football programs.


Click here to see both revenue and expenses for each FBS football program for 2013-2014.

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  • mvpacademy
    August 11, 2015

    Thanks for sharing this with us, keep it up

2013-14 FBS Football Finances

Last Updated on January 7, 2015

In 2013-14, the average FBS program generated $25.5 million in revenue, spent $15 million and netted $10.5 million.

The medians are lower at $20 million for revenue, $17.7 million for expenses and $2.6 million in net revenue.

As you can see, however, the disparity between the highest earner and the lowest is enormous: $109.4 million to $3.3 million.

You might notice there are quite a few programs breaking even. In speaking with the college athletics administrators who prepare these numbers for the Department of Education (DOE), they tell me the DOE discourages reporting of negative numbers. The DOE’s theory is that athletic departments aren’t actually overdrawing their bank accounts, so they shouldn’t report negative numbers. So, when a program – or the athletic department as a whole – is in the red, they apply subsidies (student fees, direct support from the institution or state government) to break even or report in the black. Those subsidies are reported as revenue in this context. The programs you see breaking even are almost assuredly using subsidies to break even.

Another important note on DOE numbers is that they do not include non-operating revenue (for the athletic department as a whole, that might mean revenue from a golf course owned by the athletic department) or non-operating expense (such as debt service and capital expenditures).

Institution NameTotal RevenueTotal ExpensesNet Revenue
The University of Texas$109,400,688$27,675,403$81,725,285
University of Michigan$81,475,191$23,061,374$58,413,817
University of Georgia$77,594,300$26,325,257$51,269,043
University of Florida$74,820,287$25,704,553$49,115,734
Louisiana State University$74,275,838$25,822,306$48,453,532
The University of Alabama$88,660,439$41,558,058$47,102,381
University of Notre Dame$78,349,132$32,373,258$45,975,874
University of Oklahoma$69,647,986$24,533,905$45,114,081
Auburn University$75,092,576$36,306,282$38,786,294
Ohio State University$61,131,726$22,984,985$38,146,741
Texas A & M University$53,800,924$18,051,635$35,749,289
University of Nebraska$55,866,615$21,359,309$34,507,306
University of Iowa$55,648,679$21,497,369$34,151,310
University of Oregon$53,982,076$21,038,456$32,943,620
University of Washington$56,379,534$23,801,655$32,577,879
University of Arkansas$61,492,925$29,861,957$31,630,968
Pennsylvania State University$58,722,182$28,637,144$30,085,038
The University of Tennessee$55,359,423$27,850,351$27,509,072
Michigan State University$47,869,615$20,624,183$27,245,432
University of South Carolina$49,266,878$24,975,716$24,291,162
Clemson University$41,273,517$19,969,497$21,304,020
University of Southern California$43,809,684$23,049,962$20,759,722
Florida State University$43,085,121$23,427,950$19,657,171
Texas Tech University$34,580,384$15,358,775$19,221,609
Oklahoma State University$38,799,125$19,950,826$18,848,299
University of Wisconsin$50,641,993$31,811,280$18,830,713
Oregon State University$30,555,875$13,792,592$16,763,283
University of Mississippi$41,136,644$25,210,875$15,925,769
Arizona State University$39,210,883$23,509,311$15,701,572
University of North Carolina$31,481,105$15,912,188$15,568,917
University of California$35,656,834$20,149,375$15,507,459
University of Minnesota$36,028,193$20,839,079$15,189,114
University of California-Berkeley$37,660,430$23,071,010$14,589,420
Kansas State University$30,976,071$16,421,248$14,554,823
Iowa State University$29,475,730$14,984,494$14,491,236
Washington State University$26,926,755$12,658,532$14,268,223
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University$38,669,555$24,596,694$14,072,861
North Carolina State University$31,841,355$18,486,858$13,354,497
University of Utah$27,640,267$14,362,313$13,277,954
University of Illinois$29,267,805$16,551,097$12,716,708
University of Kentucky$30,526,981$18,301,396$12,225,585
Georgia Institute of Technology$30,745,256$19,056,786$11,688,470
University of Missouri$28,792,306$17,358,875$11,433,431
University of Colorado$30,547,707$19,781,626$10,766,081
Syracuse University$33,213,622$22,663,307$10,550,315
Mississippi State University$25,824,156$15,279,072$10,545,084
West Virginia University$26,190,883$15,977,317$10,213,566
Indiana University$24,370,088$15,901,109$8,468,979
Northwestern University$30,143,982$21,722,796$8,421,186
University of Arizona$28,415,445$20,111,388$8,304,057
Stanford University$24,839,939$16,694,502$8,145,437
University of Kansas$20,949,893$14,330,947$6,618,946
Boise State University$15,284,248$9,200,027$6,084,221
Baylor University$26,270,277$20,299,526$5,970,751
University of Miami$29,986,463$24,672,810$5,313,653
University of Maryland$16,480,601$11,172,381$5,308,220
Duke University$24,121,573$19,234,750$4,886,823
University of Louisville$28,069,712$23,186,536$4,883,176
University of South Florida$16,295,130$12,027,850$4,267,280
Brigham Young University$18,639,413$14,428,930$4,210,483
Boston College$22,939,275$19,703,856$3,235,419
The University of Texas at El Paso$11,758,692$8,659,023$3,099,669
Purdue University$20,215,316$17,656,933$2,558,383
Troy University$6,678,290$4,327,007$2,351,283
University of North Texas$8,243,195$6,545,108$1,698,087
Vanderbilt University$22,628,642$21,279,144$1,349,498
Texas Christian University$32,464,146$31,199,116$1,265,030
Wake Forest University$15,143,335$14,054,107$1,089,228
California State University$9,704,118$8,718,043$986,075
Eastern Michigan University$6,289,724$5,448,838$840,886
University of Wyoming$7,802,981$6,981,430$821,551
Marshall University$7,760,381$7,083,399$676,982
Florida Atlantic University$7,287,694$6,726,618$561,076
Western Michigan University$7,482,419$7,112,777$369,642
University of South Alabama$5,764,473$5,453,503$310,970
University of Alabama at Birmingham$7,241,632$7,025,640$215,992
University of Pittsburgh$19,140,812$18,929,148$211,664
East Carolina University$10,083,420$9,915,950$167,470
Louisiana Tech University$6,152,955$6,017,623$135,332
Georgia Southern University$3,637,348$3,521,604$115,744
University of Virginia$21,521,178$21,455,217$65,961
Ohio University$7,913,757$7,891,541$22,216
Central Michigan University$6,750,120$6,740,097$10,023
San Jose State University$7,575,660$7,572,660$3,000
Rutgers University$19,522,057$19,522,057$0
University of Cincinnati$16,458,502$16,458,502$0
Southern Methodist University$14,586,736$14,586,736$0
Temple University$13,182,525$13,182,525$0
University of Memphis$11,253,801$11,253,801$0
Colorado State University$11,253,326$11,253,326$0
University of Tulsa$10,992,018$10,992,018$0
Rice University$10,729,593$10,729,593$0
Tulane University of Louisiana$10,382,497$10,382,497$0
University of Houston$8,513,411$8,513,411$0
Florida International University$8,168,228$8,168,228$0
Northern Illinois University$8,146,093$8,146,093$0
Middle Tennessee State University$7,882,477$7,882,477$0
University of New Mexico$7,808,217$7,808,217$0
University of Toledo$7,758,549$7,758,549$0
University of Nevada-Las Vegas$7,482,961$7,482,961$0
University of Southern Mississippi$7,346,830$7,346,830$0
University of Massachusetts$6,926,665$6,926,665$0
University of Akron Main Campus$6,785,813$6,785,813$0
University of Louisiana at Lafayette$6,780,170$6,780,170$0
Utah State University$6,683,787$6,683,787$0
New Mexico State University$6,569,816$6,569,816$0
University at Buffalo$6,480,242$6,480,242$0
University of Texas - San Antonio$6,244,125$6,244,125$0
Georgia State University$6,177,811$6,177,811$0
Bowling Green State University$6,171,184$6,171,184$0
Old Dominion University$6,092,802$6,092,802$0
Ball State University$5,926,855$5,926,855$0
Arkansas State University$5,748,516$5,748,516$0
Texas State University$5,633,155$5,633,155$0
University of Idaho$5,607,850$5,607,850$0
Kent State University$5,357,800$5,357,800$0
Appalachian State University$4,214,171$4,214,171$0
University of Louisiana-Monroe$3,277,727$3,277,727$0
Miami University$6,922,038$6,922,039-$1
Western Kentucky University$6,406,881$6,406,882-$1
University of Nevada-Reno$6,026,259$6,279,506-$253,247
University of Central Florida$14,712,259$15,076,308-$364,049
San Diego State University$10,177,368$11,582,709-$1,405,341
University of Connecticut$11,142,560$13,711,350-$2,568,790
University of Hawaii$6,128,817$9,063,145-$2,934,328

Source: Department of Education

Note: Air Force, Army and Navy finances are not available. Programs that moved up to FBS in 2014 are included.

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  • Tom
    December 24, 2014

    Does this include the TV and bowl money?

  • buckeye
    January 5, 2015

    The revenue figures for all of them ( except maybe UGA ) are way too low as so many schools lump a large amount of their revenue ( that actually comes from FB and/or men’s hoops ) into a NOT ATTRIBUTABLE TO A SPECIFIC SPORT fudge category so it doesn’t appear that FB and men’s BB make as much as they DO in reality. I seriously doubt ANY of these schools lose $ on FB and the bottom on the list are manipulating the $ numbers worst of all. It is the non-revenue sports that EAT UP all the surplus that FB and BB provide. If a school loses $ on either they should just quit like UAB.

    • Kei
      January 7, 2015

      What’s funny is that the numbers on UAB show that it operated in the black.