College Coach’s Salaries: Big 10

Last Updated on December 13, 2011

The final conference to be evaluated in’s College Coach’s Salary Series is the Big 10.

The data used for this analysis was obtained from reports filed by each school with the U.S. Department of Education, as required by Title IX.  These reports are the only public documentation  providing numbers for every school, because private schools are not subject to public records requests, yet have to file their data with the U.S. Department of Education.  The data reported is from the reporting year of July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011.

IllinoisMen’s:  $520,421.00Men’s:  $168,642.00
Women’s:  $128,463.00Women’s:  $61,269.00
IndianaMen’s: $405,149.00Men’s:  $94,399.00
Women’s:  $92,736.00Women’s:  $49,083.00
IowaMen’s:  $654,573.00Men’s:  $162,341.00
Women’s:  $165,012.00Women’s:  $61,982.00
MichiganMen’s:  $509,903.00Men’s:  $131,335.00
Women’s:  $135,577.00Women’s:  $60,001.00
Michigan StateMen’s:  $626,481.00Men’s:  $101,917.00
Women’s:  $115,172.00Women’s:  $47,721.00
MinnesotaMen’s:  $597,421.00Men’s:  $172,222.00
Women’s:  $166,597.00Women’s:  $70,720.00
NebraskaMen’s:  $567,004.00Men’s:  $174,590.00
Women’s:  $201,318.00Women’s:  $82,144.00
NorthwesternMen’s:  $379,545.00Men’s:  $121,582.00
Women’s:  $127,795.00Women’s:  $51,758.00
Ohio StateMen’s:  $488,098.00Men’s:  $138,691.00
Women’s:  $160,257.00Women’s:  $56,202.00
Penn StateMen’s:  $262,492.00Men’s:  $107,441.00
Women’s:  $167,317.00Women’s:  $59,540.00
PurdueMen’s:  $429,070.00Men’s:  $105,064.00
Women’s:  $156,080.00Women’s:  $58,104.00
WisconsinMen’s:  $444,800.00Men’s:  $111,631.00
Women’s:  $123,373.00Women’s:  $46,207.00

The average salary of men’s sports head coaches in the Big 10 is $490,413.10, while their women’s sports counterparts earned $144,974.80 on average.  Head coaches of men’s sports in the Big 10 earned on average, 3.38 times as much as head coaches of women’s sports in the Big 10.

The highest average salary paid to men’s sports head coaches was paid by Iowa, while the highest average salary paid to women’s sports head coaches was paid by Nebraska.  Nebraska is also home to the highest average men’s and women’s sports assistant coaching salaries.

Surprisingly, the lowest average men’s sports head coaching salary was paid by Penn State.  Previously, explained that the highest paid college sports head coach in Pennsylvania was not Joe Paterno of Penn State, but Pittsburgh’s men’s basketball coach, Jamie Dixon.

The lowest average women’s sports head coaching salary is paid by Indiana, which is also home to lowest average men’s sports assistant coaching salary.

Check back later this week, when wraps up the series by showing which conferences coaches are paid the highest, which are paid the lowest, and which conference is home to the greatest disparity between how much men’s sports and women’s sports coaches are paid.

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