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Last Updated on June 5, 2014

Today in the College Coach Salary Series, is investigating the Big 12.  The Big 12 has seen several of its schools defect to other conferences in recent months.  However, it has been able to attract new schools into joining the conference.  So how do its coach’s salaries stack up against those of other conferences?

The data used for this analysis was obtained from reports filed by each school with the U.S. Department of Education, as required by Title IX.  These reports are the only public documentation  providing numbers for every school, because private schools are not subject to public records requests, yet have to file their data with the U.S. Department of Education.  The data reported is from the reporting year of July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011.

BaylorMen’s:  $828,342.00Men’s:  $134,511.00
Women’s:  $231,083.00Women’s:  $53,540.00
Iowa StateMen’s: $475,500.00Men’s:  $148,766.00
Women’s:  $164,556.00Women’s:  $64,216.00
KansasMen’s:  $1,832,594.00Men’s:  $168,279.00
Women’s:  $223,758.00Women’s:  $64,313.00
Kansas StateMen’s:  $590,460.00Men’s:  $147,697.00
Women’s:  $152,267.00Women’s:  $47,104.00
MissouriMen’s:  $673,691.00Mens:  $134,076.00
Women’s:  $119,150.00Women’s:  $46,821.00
OklahomaMen’s:  $1,213,780.00Men’s:  $186,544.00
Women’s:  $239,258.00Women’s:  $65,874.00
Oklahoma StateMen’s:  $735,499.00Men’s:  $238,377.00
Women’s:  $189,026.00Women’s:  $85,263.00
TexasMen’s: $1,380,268.00Men’s:  $218,009.00
Women’s:  $332,368.00Women’s:  $89,286.00
Texas A&MMen’s:  $630,057.00Men’s:  $151,965.00
Women’s:  $248,264.00Women’s:  $80,925.00
Texas TechMen’s:  $652,374.00Men’s:  $164,251.00
Women’s:  $230,364.00Women’s:  $72,591.00

Arguably, the Big 12 is most well-known outside of the conference for the success its football teams.  However, the most-recognized basketball program in the conference, Kansas, is home to the highest average men’s sport head coaching salary at $1,832,584.00.  The lowest average men’s sports head coaching salary is paid by Iowa State, a school whose football team shocked the nation when it beat a highly ranked Oklahoma State football team earlier this season.  Texas is home to the highest average women’s sports head and assistant coaching salaries.

Missouri, which is set to join the SEC next season, has the lowest average men’s sports assistant coaching salary, as well as the lowest average women’s sports head and assistant coaching salaries.

Like every other conference has evaluated thus far, there is a disparity between the salaries of head coaches of men’s sports and women’s sports.  Men’s sports head coaches in the Big 12 make 4.23 times as much in salary than their women’s sports counterparts, on average.  This is just slightly less of a disparity than the SEC, where men’s sports head coaches earn 4.86 times as much salary as their women’s sports counterparts.

Another great disparity is seen between the amount of salary men’s sports head coaches make as compared to the salaries of men’s sports assistant coaches.  Men’s sports head coaches make 5.32 times as much salary as men’s sports assistant coaches in the Big 12, on average.  This is the largest disparity between head and assistant coaches seen in any conference to date.

Last up in’s College Coach Salary Series is the Big Ten.  Check back tomorrow to see how it stacks up!


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  • Jeff Roy
    December 6, 2011

    While scrolling down the list, I expected Texas to top the list. But Bill Self + Turner Gill = Mack Brown ($3M + $2M = $5M), and Rick Barnes gets $2.4M. So either Kansas overpays for non-revenue coaches or Texas underpays for same. Do your resources provide any insight into this seeming disparity?