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Last Updated on July 1, 2011

I’ve got a great guest post for you today on giving college football fans what they want. But first, you want more of me, right? Good, because I’ve got video from my weekly segment I do every Thursday at 10:30am on The Pulse Network. This week we spent the first part of the show discussing the USA Today story on Rutgers I responded to earlier this week. I go on to discuss why Frank McCourt’s days as a MLB owner are numbered because he’s been using the team as his own personal credit card and end with a discussion on what Tiger Woods is doing to his brand power and why the NBA can’t afford its lockout.

Click here to watch the video.

If you still want more of me, here’s a podcast from my appearance on the Michigan Insider this morning where I talked about Michigan’s athletic facility expenses, self-sustaining athletic departments and why departments who aren’t self-sufficient are subsidized by their university. My interview starts at the 9-minute mark:

Click here to listen to the interview.

Ok, that’s enough of me for one day. Now I’d like to introduce you to my favorite college sports blog: College Football’s Most Dangerous Blog. It’s called that because the writer happens to be extraordinarily opinionated, and his opinions are rarely popular. The writer also happens to be my boyfriend, Chadd Scott. My admiration of his work, however, came long before I ever met him, so I present the following with no bias.

This is from a post Chadd had on his blog this week as he attempted to give good news to ALL college football fans:

When writing “College Football’s Most Dangerous Blog,” I try to do many things.  I try to make you think and feel.  I try to say what’s never been said.  I try to attract as many readers as possible.  Most importantly, I try to be honest.  Everything I write, I honestly believe in.

                Until now.

                Why am I changing?  Because it’s never been more apparent to me that the vast majority of college football fans (you) don’t want honesty or investigation or reality when it comes to your favorite team, you want good news.  You want to hear how the next crop of recruits are the best to ever step foot on campus and how the redesigned strength and conditioning program will turn the current roster into a collection of freakish monsters capable of dominating all competition.  In the words of my buddy Colin Cowherd, fans want affirmation, not information.

                If that’s what you want – and judging by the droves of you plopping down your hard-earned money to get in line behind the rest of the lemmings at your local pay-for-good-news college football website you do – here’s some good news for everybody.

                Clemson’s new offensive coordinator Chad Morris will replicate Gus Malzahn’s success in Death Valley and if the CU Tigers aren’t playing for a national title this year, they will next.

                Auburn’s Trooper Taylor simply connects with young people better than all the other college football recruiters.

                Nick Saban has the long-term health of his players foremost in mind when he encourages certain members of the Tide to take medical hardships.

                Butch Davis can’t possibly be expected to know what everybody in his football program is doing at all times and no coach will ever be able to control what his players say on social media.

                Bobby Petrino – misunderstood.  Arkansas is the job he’s been coaching his whole life to obtain.

                Al Golden = Jimmy Johnson.

                With the recruits he has verbally committed, James Franklin is on the verge of turning Vandy into a player in the SEC East.

                Urban Meyer, Gene Chizik and Jim Tressel all won national championships in their second seasons; see where I’m going with this Tennessee fans!

                A JUCO nose tackle and two new linebackers will have Georgia’s defense DOMINATING; add in the best true freshman running back since Herschel (Isiah Crowell) and UGA is Atlanta bound in December.

                Virginia fans are as passionate as any in the ACC.

                Paul Johnson doesn’t need highly rated recruits, he wins with scheme.

                It’s no longer just the Big Three in the SEC East (UF, UT, UGA), it’s the Big Four with South Carolina.

                Considering their TV markets, I expect Memphis and UCF to be invited into the Big East any day now.  And Houston, you’re next up for the Big 12.

This Florida State team reminds me of the dynasty years.

                Having perspective on life beyond football makes Mark Richt a better coach.

                Look at the coming facility upgrades and season ticket records, Dan Mullen will be at Mississippi State for years to come.

                ACC football, you’re this close to catching the SEC.

                You’re all going to the conference title game!  You’ve all got the best coach!  Your student-athletes are scholars and gentlemen!  Other fans who dislike your favorite team are simply jealous.  Your stadium is the best, your cheerleaders are the best, your uniforms are the best, your fans are the best, your tailgating is the best, your coeds are the best, your academics are the best, your traditions are the best, your message board is the best, you’re the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • David
    July 1, 2011

    Wow, Chadd gets endorsements from Kristi and Stewart Mandel in 24 hours. That’s a dangerous amount of pressure right there.