How Does University of Georgia Allocate Recruiting Dollars?

Last Updated on June 5, 2014

Last week we looked at how Ohio State allocates their recruiting budget. Today I want to show you how University of Georgia divides that money over all of their sports.

 2010-20112011-2012% of Total Recruiting Budget
Basketball – Men’s$250,000.00$350,000.0020.6%
Basketball – Women’s$160,000.00$175,000.0010.3%
Volleyball $58,000.00$53,000.003.1%
Swimming – Women’s$36,500.00$38,500.002.3%
Swimming – Men’s$36,500.00$38,500.002.3%
Soccer $45,000.00$45,000.002.6%
Tennis – Men’s$25,000.00$30,000.001.8%
Track  – Women’s$40,000.00$42,500.002.5%
Golf – Women’s  $28,000.00$28,000.001.6%
Tennis – Women’s$27,600.00$30,000.001.8%
Track – Men’s$40,000.00$42,500.002.5%
Gymnastics $45,000.00$59,072.003.5%
Golf – Men’s$30,000.00$35,000.002.1%

You may notice that, despite having fewer sports (17, to be exact), UGA appears to spend more money on recruiting than Ohio State, to the tune of about $454,000. However, it should be noted that UGA calculates this total a little differently in their budget by not delineating between recruiting travel and other travel by coaches for engagements such as speaking at a Bulldog Club event or at a coaches’ conference. Is it just me or do you think the organization asking the coach to come speak should cover this travel? I routinely speak at conferences and some or all of my travel is usually covered.

The other thing you’ll probably note is that just on sport at UGA has a smaller budget for recruiting and travel in 2011-2012 than it had in 2010-2011: volleyball. Although this expenditure is decreasing, the overall budget for volleyball is increasing by nearly $100,000 with substantial increases in payroll with the hire of new staff and the creation of a new GA position. There will also be a substantial increase in expenditures for spring training with increased travel with a larger group.

I’m sure the sport most of you looked at first was football. Both Ohio State and Georgia spend 35 percent of their total recruiting budget on football, with Georgia spending over $150,000 more. However, (and this is potentially big however) as I stated above, Georgia includes all travel for coaches. Football coaches, probably more than coaches in any other sport, often travel for gatherings such as Bulldog Club events.

Is there anything here that surprises you? Anywhere you’d like to see more or less money spent?

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