Michigan State Receives Donation from Hollis Family

Last Updated on June 5, 2014

By: Jason Singer

Mark and Nancy Hollis used to be just another two faculty members on the Michigan State campus. Yet, after their $1 million donation to the University, they are anything but just that.

The donation will be divided as follows: half of the money will go to the academic section of the University, and the other half will go to the athletic program. The athletic portion will goes towards funding the “North End Zone” project at Spartan Stadium. This project will help develop the facilities for both present and future student-athletes. Many sections of the stadium will be improved and renovated, including both the home and away locker rooms, the media center, concession areas and restrooms.

Mark Hollis, who was named the Athletic Director in 2008, knows first hand how important the facilities are to the program. He even stated that him and his family will “continue to support this expansion of Spartan Stadium, which is critical to the future of the football program and will improve the entire athletic program.”

When Mark and Nancy Hollis attended Michigan State together, they knew that their lives were influenced by fellow students, faculty members, and others who were involved with them on the MSU campus. They beleive this still stands true today. As a result, they decided to donate and create this scholarship fund to continue the positive influence on others that Michigan State has had on them.

The scholarship fund they created is known as The Hollis Family Endowed Scholarship. Only a portion of the invested income earned is spent each year. The remainder is added to its previous amount, which increases the scholarship from the initial year.  Doing this will allow Michigan State to give out scholarships for years to come, long into the future.

By donating this great gift to their alma mater, Mark and Nancy Hollis have helped Michigan State for the better, as the renovations to Spartan Stadium, and the scholarships for incoming students, will improve this impressive university a great deal. The future of Michigan State is looking great, and people will always look back to the Hollis family as important campus influences.


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