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Highest Athletic Department Net Income: Big Ten

Next up in’s investigation into the athletic departments with the highest net income is the Big Ten.  Earlier today, financial data for ACC and Big 12 athletic departments was posted.  Tomorrow, we’ll investigate the Big East, Pac-12 and SEC.  On Wednesday, a list of the athletic departments with the highest net income will be published.

The data was obtained from the Department of Education and is for 2010-11.  The data from the Department of Education is by no means perfect.  Throughout this series, net income was calculated by subtracting the “grand total expenses” from the “grand total revenues” that the athletic department reported to the Department of Education.  Expenses in this instance included:  head and assistant coach salaries, athletically related student aid, recruiting expenses, operating (game-day expenses) and “not allocated” expenses.  The expenses faced by athletic departments, however, may be greater than those reported in this snapshot provided by the Department of Education.  For example, an athletic department may have capital expenses outside of those expenses included in the report.  This all being said, this data is the only data publicly available for both public and private institutions.  Thus, it at least provides some insight into athletic department revenues, expenses, and net income before taking into consideration additional expenses, like capital projects.

School Total Athletic Department Revenue Total Athletic Department Expenses Net Income
Illinois 57,539,367.00 55,723,771.00 1,815,596.00
Indiana 70,172,641.00 64,878,825.00 5,293,816.00
Iowa 92,903,555.00 87,607,487.00 5,296,068.00
Michigan 122,486,490.00 95,836,991.00 26,649,499.00
Michigan State 80,963,182.00 67,450,913.00 13,512,269.00
Minnesota 78,924,683.00 78,924,683.00 0.00
Nebraska 83,679,756.00 78,509,148.00 5,170,608.00
Northwestern 56,214,293.00 56,214,293.00 0.00
Ohio State 131,815,819.00 113,184,855.00 18,630,964.00
Penn State 116,118,026.00 84,498,339.00 31,619,687.00
Purdue 66,066,303.00 59,293,193.00 6,773,110.00
Wisconsin 93,594,766.00 92,939,345.00 655,421.00

In 2010-11, two Big Ten athletic departments turned zero net income:  Minnesota and Northwestern.  Each of these athletic departments, however, generated over $55 million in revenue.

Save for Minnesota, Northwestern and Wisconsin, in 2010-11, every other Big Ten athletic department generated over $1 million in net income.  However, Michigan and Penn State led the way in terms of net income generated.  Michigan generated net income of $26,649,499.00, while Penn State enjoyed a net income of $31,619,687.00.

Interestingly enough, however, is that Ohio State generated the greatest amount of revenue of any Big Ten athletic department.  The Ohio State athletic department generated revenue of $131,815,819.00.  However, Ohio State’s athletic department also had the highest amount of expenses in the conference, at $113,184,855.00.



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