Student Fees for Non-AQ Schools

Last Updated on April 27, 2011

This morning I showed you the Top 25 Recipients of Student Activity Fees in the BCS, and last week we looked at each school in the SEC, Big Ten and Big 12 and the ACC, Pac-10 and Big East.

Below is a breakdown, by conference, of every school in a non-AQ conference. Remember, “N/A” means the school is either private or otherwise immune to open records request, whereas “0” means the athletic department does not receive student fees. Also, numbers are from the 2009-2010 school year.

Conference USA

SchoolStudent Fees% of Total Revenue
University of Central Florida$17,466,918.0044%
East Carolina University$10,441,783.0032%
University of Memphis$7,666,067.0019%
Univ of Southern Miss$6,056,608.0031%
University of Houston$4,728,620.0014%
Marshall University$4,150,759.0018%
Univ. of Alabama – B’ham$3,454,483.0014%
Rice UniversityN/AN/A
Tulane UniversityN/AN/A
University of TulsaN/AN/A

Mid-American Conference

SchoolStudent Fees% of Total Revenue
Ohio Univ$16,460,250.0069%
Univ of Akron$16,199,911.0067%
Miami Univ (OH)$13,786,549.0053%
Kent State$10,516,660.0054%
Univ of Toledo$9,824,257.0049%
Bowling Green$9,497,261.0050%
Ball State Univ$9,221,400.0046%
Northern Illinois Univ$8,333,419.0038%
Univ of Buffalo$7,439,422.0029%
Eastern Michigan Univ$1,572,843.006%
Central Michigan Univ$0.000%
Western Michigan Univ$0.000%

Mountain West Conference

SchoolStudent Fees% of Total Revenue
San Diego State Univ$10,220,740.0031%
Colorado State$4,774,723.0018%
Univ of Utah$4,168,754.0014%
Univ New Mexico$1,608,093.004%
Univ of Wyoming$1,156,548.004%
USAF Academy$428,142.001%

Sun Belt Conference

SchoolStudent Fees% of Total Revenue
Florida Intl Univ$15,635,778.0071%
Florida Atlantic Univ$8,877,456.0055%
Middle Tennessee State$6,848,065.0033%
Western Kentucky$6,437,652.0028%
Univ South Alabama$5,680,478.0035%
Univ North Texas$5,007,059.0049%
Univ Arkansas Little Rock$3,627,665.0038%
Arkansas State Univ$2,832,773.0030%
Troy Univ$712,380.005%
Univ Louisiana Monroe$362,045.003%
Univ Louisiana Lafayette$0.000%

Western Athletic Conference

SchoolStudent Fees% of Total Revenue
San Jose State$4,683,122.0023%
Utah State$3,700,874.0019%
Boise State Univ$2,980,056.008%
New Mexico State$2,613,320.0010%
Univ Nevada Reno$2,333,116.0010%
Univ Idaho$2,218,219.0014%
Univ Hawaii$0.000%
Louisiana Tech Univ$0.000%
Cal State Univ – FresnoN/AN/A