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BCS Money Dependent on Conference Affiliation Not Bowl Game

The stage is set for the college football bowl season, which means conferences and teams can start adding bowl payouts to their respective budgets. That’s because bowl payouts are based on participation, not upon who wins or loses.

Another little-known fact is that BCS bowl payouts are based upon your conference affiliation, not the BCS bowl game you’re selected to play. The nine conferences competing at the Football Bowl Subdivision level are divided into two groups: automatic-qualifiers and non-automatic qualifiers. The AQ conferences include the ACC, American Athletic Conference, Big XII, Big Ten, Pac-12, and SEC. The non-AQ conferences include Conference USA, MAC, Mountain West and Sun Belt.

Each AQ conference is guaranteed a spot for its conference champion, and along with that $23.9 million. That means Auburn, Baylor, Central Florida, Florida State, Michigan State, and Stanford each earned their respective conferences $23.9 million. Florida State and Auburn don’t receive any additional compensation from the BCS for playing in the national championship game.

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