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Last Updated on October 24, 2014

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Editor’s note: Any games canceled or opted out of after we posted this list are indicated with a strikethrough and a link to any stories regarding such cancellation.

Home-and-home football games are definitely a growing trend in college football. As teams look to strengthen their schedule with non-conference games they are increasingly scheduling these home-and-home series. Texas and Michigan have the home-and-home scheduled the furthest out at this point with games in 2024 and 2027.

Not included here are the five games each year Notre Dame is playing against ACC opponents as part of its long-term scheduling arrangement.

Here is a round-up of games within FBS through 2027:


Sept. 3: TCU at Minnesota*

Sept. 5: Texas at Notre Dame

Sept. 7: Ohio State at Virginia Tech*

Sept. 12: Oklahoma at Tennessee*

Sept. 12: Oregon at Michigan State*

Sept. 12: UCF at Stanford

Sept. 12: Army at UConn

Sept. 19: Nebraska at Miami*

Sept. 19: UConn at Missouri

Sept. 19: Illinois at North Carolina

Sept. 26: USF at Florida State

Sept. 26: NIU at Boston College

Sept. 26: LSU at Syracuse

Oct. 2: UConn at BYU

Oct. 3: Wyoming at Appalachian State


Sept. 3: Notre Dame at Texas

Sept. 3: UCLA at Texas A&M

Sept. 3: Clemson at Auburn

Sept. 3: NIU at Wyoming

Sept. 10: UNC at Illinois

Sept. 10: Washington State at Boise State

Sept. 10: Penn State at Pitt

Sept. 10: UConn at UMass

Sept. 17: Oregon at Nebraska

Sept. 17: Virginia at UConn

Sept. 17: Michigan State at Notre Dame

Sept. 24: Northwestern at Stanford

Sept. 24: Florida State at USF

Nov. 5: UMass at Troy

Oct. 1: Marshall at Pitt

Oct. 1: UMass at Old Dominion

Nov. 26: UMass at Hawaii

TBD: Boston College at NIU

TBD: Arkansas at TCU


Sept. 2: Texas A&M at UCLA

Sept. 2: UMass at UConn

Sept. 9: Georgia at Notre Dame

Sept. 9: Nebraska at Oregon

Sept. 9: Auburn at Clemson

Sept. 9: Illinois at USF

Sept. 9: Syracuse at LSU

Sept. 9: Old Dominion at UMass

Sept. 16: Oklahoma at Ohio State

Sept. 16: Texas at USC

Sept. 16: Wisconsin at USF

Sept. 16: Pitt at Penn State

Sept. 16: UMass at Virginia

Sept. 23: Missouri at UConn

Sept. 23: Wake Forest at Appalachian State

Sept. 23: Notre Dame at Michigan State

Nov. 7: Hawaii at UMass

TBD: TCU at Arkansas


Sept. 1: Wisconsin at Washington

Sept. 1: Arkansas at Michigan

Sept. 8: UCLA at Oklahoma

Sept. 8: Penn State at Pittsburgh

Sept. 8: Colorado at Nebraska

Sept. 8: Michigan State at Arizona State

Sept. 8: UConn at Boise State

Sept. 15: Texas A&M at Oregon (opted out 10/23/14)

Sept. 15: West Virginia at NC State

Sept. 15: USC at Texas

Sept. 15: Ohio State at TCU

Sept. 15: USF at Illinois

Sept. 22: Army at Oklahoma

Sept. 29: BYU at Washington

Nov. 3: Troy at UMass

TBD: USF at Illinois


Aug. 31: Michigan at Arkansas

Aug. 31: Notre Dame at Texas

Sept. 7: Boise State at Florida State

Sept. 7: Nebraska at Colorado

Sept. 7: Illinois at UConn

Sept. 7: LSU at Texas

Sept. 14: NC State at West Virginia

Sept. 14: Oregon at Texas A&M (opted out 10/23/14)

Sept. 14: Stanford at Northwestern

Sept. 14: Virginia Tech at Wisconsin

Sept. 14: Pitt at Penn State

Sept. 14: Oklahoma at UCLA

Sept. 14: Arizona State at Michigan State

Sept. 14: Stanford at UCF

Sept. 21: Notre Dame at Georgia

Sept. 21: TCU at Ohio State

Sept. 21: Washington at BYU

Sept. 21: UConn at Indiana

Nov. 9: UMass at Army


Sept. 5: Michigan at Washington

Sept. 5: TCU at Cal

Sept. 12: UConn at Illinois

Sept. 12: Ohio State at Oregon

Sept. 12: Texas at LSU

Sept. 12: Appalachian State at Wake Forest

Sept. 19: BYU at Arizona State

Sept. 19: Virginia Tech at Michigan

Sept. 26: Oklahoma at Army

Sept. 26: Pitt at Marshall

Sept. 26: Indiana at UConn

Sept. 26: Miami at Michigan State

Nov. 21:  Army at UMass


Sept. 4: LSU at UCLA

Sept. 4: Appalachian State at Wyoming

Sept. 11: Illinois at Virginia

Sept. 11: Michigan at Virginia Tech

Sept. 11: Wyoming at NIU

Sept. 11: Oregon at Ohio State

Sept. 11: Cal at TCU

Sept. 18: Washington at Michigan

Sept. 18: BYU at Arizona St

Sept. 18: Cincinnati at Indiana

Sept. 18: Virginia Tech at West Virginia

Sept. 18: Michigan State at Miami

Sept. 25: BYU at USF

Nov. 21: UMass at Army


Sept. 3: Notre Dame at Ohio State

Sept. 10: Virginia at Illinois

Sept. 10: UCLA at Michigan

Sept. 10: LSU at Arizona State

Sept. 10: NIU at Tulsa

Sept. 17: Michigan State at Boise State

Sept. 23: USF at BYU

Sept. 24: Indiana at Cincinnati

Sept. 24: West Virginia at Virginia Tech

Nov. 12: Army at UMass

TBD: Ole Miss at Georgia Tech


Sept. 2: Michigan at UCLA

Sept. 2: USF at WKU

Sept. 9: Illinois at Kansas

Sept. 9: Arizona State at LSU

Sept. 18: Boise State at Michigan State

Sept. 23: Ohio State at Notre Dame

Sept. 23: Tulsa at NIU

TBD: Georgia Tech at Ole Miss


Aug 31: Notre Dame at Texas A&M

Aug 31: UCLA at LSU

Aug 31: WKU at USF

Sept. 7: Kansas at Illinois

Sept. 14: Ole Miss at Wake Forest

Sept. 31: Texas at Michigan


Sept. 6: Michigan at Oklahoma

Sept. 13: Wake Forest at Ole Miss

Sept. 27: Texas A&M at Notre Dame


Sept. 12: Oklahoma at Michigan

TBD: Michigan State and Notre Dame (site TBA)


Sept. 24: Michigan at Texas

TBD: Michigan State and Notre Dame (site TBA)

*These games are the second in the series, with the first being played in 2014 or a previous season

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