TuneIn to All Your Favorite College Football Games

Last Updated on December 2, 2020

TuneIn_onWhiteMany people live for their college football teams. However, once college ends, an alumnus does not always have the opportunity of living within the school’s network area. This problem has now been solved: TuneIn, the leading service for free online radio, has partnered with IMG College, Learfield Sports, ESPN Radio and Spartan Sports Network to provide free access to hundreds of college football games from coast to coast. Never again will a college football fan have to suffer the heartbreak of not being able to get real-time coverage of their beloved college football team’s performance on the field.

Thanks to TuneIn’s new partnership, all college football fans will now have the opportunity to catch free, live games from all of the major conferences. Pac-12 fans are even more in luck: every Pac-12 game will be broadcast.

These games can be accessed for free via the TuneIn app, which is available for download on iPhone and Android. It can also be accessed via tablets, vehicles and gaming consoles, and can be heard in over 200 countries and territories. Once in the app, one just needs to search for “college football” or go to the sports category and select college football. Then you can see which games are offered and either listen to them or add them to a digital calendar to be reminded of the upcoming game when it starts. You can also see a list online here.


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