Teamworks Expands With Additions of Grafted, NextPlay, Retain and Smartabase

Last Updated on January 11, 2023

Digital software company Teamworks announced its acquisitions of four companies, helping strengthen its status as a premier sports management platform and continue its growth.

The acquisitions help fulfill Teamworks’ goal in July 2022 to “acquire more sports-tech companies, expand into new product categories and hire more top industry talent,” according to a press release. Four companies — Grafted, NextPlay, Retain and Smartabase — will join recent acquisitions INFLCR and Notemeal as a part of the Teamworks brand.

Smartabase, which specializes in tracking human performance, will be the largest acquisition in Teamworks’ history. Along with Smartabase’s human performance tracking, Teamworks will expand into the alumni engagement and anonymous reports/experience survey categories through the recent acquisitions. Teamworks also announced plans to incorporate compliance tools into its framework.

Teamworks serves more than 4,000 college teams and 76 Big Four sports teams, in addition to 25 international clubs. The company strives to provide teams with a comprehensive platform to centralize their management needs.

With its expansion into new categories and more tools available to college and pro teams, Teamworks is growing its reach and impact across the sports landscape.

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