Automating NIL Operations for Collectives and Universities

Last Updated on March 15, 2023

Thomas Thomas Jr. is the co-founder and CEO of Basepath, whose software is used by student athletes, collectives, and universities to automate name, image, and likeness operations. 

Thomas joins the show to discuss: 

  • How Basepath started, the work they currently do, and how they work with collectives 
  • The first steps they take when onboarding a collective and its athletes 
  • The ways they help partner with universities to bring clarity to the financial complexities of student athletes 
  • How Basepath’s services differ between for-profit collectives and nonprofit collectives 
  • The NIL Collectives Consortium – what it is, who it’s for, and how it has benefited collectives 
  • . . . and much more! 

For more information about Basepath, visit

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