Basepath Signs Four Athlete Ambassadors

Last Updated on July 13, 2023

Basepath, which powers platforms to manage operations and finance for collectives, universities, and student athletes, is launching an Athlete Ambassador Program with the signing of four student athletes:

  • Chris Autman-Bell, a wide receiver for University of Minnesota football, supported by the Dinkytown Athletics Collective
  • Tre Mosley, a wide receiver for Michigan State University football, supported by the SD4L Collective
  • Jadin O’Brien, a heptathlete representing the University of Notre Dame
  • Emmanuel Stevenson, a tight end for Arkansas State University football, supported by Impackt Club

The primary objective of the ambassador program is to augment the functionality of Basepath’s software by incorporating valuable feedback from athletes. Basepath’s comprehensive platform empowers athletes to optimize their personal brand by offering management of NIL deals and financial assistance.

Each athlete ambassador will receive an annual payment of over $1,200. In addition, ambassadors will benefit from comprehensive training materials and ongoing support to ensure they grasp their responsibilities and effectively engage with their teammates. Athlete Ambassadors at Basepath will serve as exemplars for their peers, demonstrating the significance of collaboration, innovation, and responsible financial management.

Reflecting on the program, O’Brien said, “as a Basepath athlete ambassador, I get to make NIL money and help Basepath update the app with features that will help my teammates get what they need out of it. Basepath has been so helpful to me throughout my NIL journey.” 

Mosley echoed the sentiment, saying, “Basepath has been nothing short of exceptional when it comes to making the app easily accessible and getting feedback from its users.”

The athlete ambassador program empowers selected athletes to become advocates for their peers, sharing their experiences, insights, and suggestions to shape the future of Basepath’s software offerings. As ambassadors, athletes will gain access to development tools, cutting-edge features, and early testing opportunities. Their invaluable contributions will help refine and enhance the user experience for athletes nationwide. Furthermore, athlete ambassadors will actively promote and elevate their respective collectives.

“Our ambassadors have the opportunity to test our latest products such as Basepath Wallet,  providing feedback and guidance that helps us refine and improve our offerings,” said Basepath Co-Founder and CEO Thomas Thomas Jr. “They will receive access to our tools and experiences, allowing them to stay at the forefront of the newest developments in NIL.”

As representatives of Basepath, athlete ambassadors will play a crucial role in assisting their teammates by addressing inquiries and ensuring a seamless user experience. Their unwavering dedication to supporting their peers underscores their commitment to teamwork, collaboration, and the success of fellow athletes. Ambassadors will collect feedback on Basepath’s software, including app functionality, desired enhancements, technical issues, and overall satisfaction. A structured framework or questionnaire will guide the feedback collection process, and monthly meetings will provide ambassadors with an opportunity to directly share their insights with Basepath.

Basepath will be actively expanding its athlete ambassador program and aims to bring on board a diverse and influential group of athletes who will further amplify the impact of the company’s NIL operations software while embracing the opportunities and benefits of managing their NIL rights.

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