Caleb Williams Stars in Dr Pepper’s ‘Fansville’ This Season

Last Updated on September 30, 2023

Dr Pepper’s satirical episodic drama “Fansville” returns this college football season for a sixth year. Fan-favorite characters Logan, Jay, Natalie, Chuck, Charlotte, CJ, and “The Sheriff” Brian Bosworth are all back this year, joined by USC quarterback and Heisman trophy winner Caleb Williams and his mother, Dayna Price.

In addition to Williams appearing in “Fansville” episodes alongside his mother, Dr Pepper also built in some elements of the partnership that are unique to him.

“We’re excited to expand the program in unique ways that are authentic to Caleb, including a partnership with his foundation, Caleb Cares, and releasing a limited-time offering that celebrates Caleb’s own game day ritual of painting his nails inspired by his nail-technician mother,” said John Alvarado, senior vice president of Dr Pepper Brand Marketing

For a limited time, fans can purchase FANicures By Dr Pepper and Caleb Williams kits on, while supplies last. The kit gives fans includes two bottles of nail polish in Dr Pepper’s signature maroon and white, as well as a variety of college football inspired nail décor.

Williams says he appreciates how the brand built this campaign around him and his own unique personality and traditions, particularly when it came to the FANicure concept.

“It was brought up, and I thought it was a great idea. It’s something that’s really cool for me for Dr Pepper to make their own nail kit because it’s something that I do and a way I express myself.”

FANicures By Dr Pepper and Caleb Williams resize
Caleb Williams wearing the “fan-icure” kit from Dr PepperDR PEPPER

Including his mom in the campaign was also special for Williams.

“It was really cool they allowed me to bring her on to be part of it. She was a bit nervous in the beginning, but I hope we can do another one with her because it was really fun to be able to have that moment with her and share that.”

Although Williams was more confident going into filming than his mother, he admits that he might have underestimated what it takes to be a good actor.

“I would have said I was a pretty good actor before I went there. Then you go and you meet all the people who have been in the commercials before, and you take a step back and realize you’re actually not that good compared to them. It was really cool to be on the show though and be part of something like that with people you see every single year when it’s college football time.”

Filming “Fansville” isn’t the first memory Williams has been able to make with his mother thanks to NIL. Asked about what he’s enjoyed the most as a result of being able to take advantage of NIL opportunities, he says it was being able to take his mom on a trip to Europe.

“We didn’t do anything there other than eat, walk, sleep, shop and enjoy historic monuments and historic places. To be able to enjoy it with someone who brought you into this world. It was really good.”

Dr Pepper and Williams also share a commitment to supporting youth empowerment, which also plays a central role in their partnership. William’s foundation, Caleb Cares, focuses on eliminating bullying, empowering youth, and bringing awareness to mental health. Over the course of the season, Dr Pepper will partner with Caleb Cares through an activation that will be announced later this fall.

Alvarado says their shared commitment to youth is part of why he was chosen to be part of the “Fansville” campaign this year.

“Caleb is the best at what he does and we share his passion for the fandom surrounding each college football season. Additionally, we share a commitment to supporting our youth with the Dr Pepper college tuition giveaway, which has awarded over $17 million to deserving students since 2008.”

Asked how they keep “Fansville” feeling fresh year after year, Alvarado says it’s thanks to the brand’s deep commitment to college football.

“We spend 365 days a year immersing ourselves in college football and what it means to be a fan. Whether we’re gathering new and fresh consumer insights by talking to college football fans directly or taking cues from pop culture and conversations, we use our learnings to put a storyline forward each year that is relatable to all fans. From there, we work with our excellent talent partners to secure top athletes every year.”

Fans can preview this season of “Fansville” below.

Williams is the third athlete to appear in “Fansville” since the dawn of the NIL era. In 2022, Alabama quarterback Bryce Young appeared in the commercials, and in 2021 it was Clemson quarterback DJ Uiagalelei.

Season six of “Fansville” begins airing on Saturday, August 26.

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