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Champs Sports Spearheads “Run With Us” for National Running Day

Champs Sports signed three college athletes to NIL deals for the campaign

Champs Sports NIL deals
Champ Sports

Last Updated on June 10, 2022

Champs Sports kick-started the “Run With Us” campaign, featuring three college athletes, in celebration of National Running Day, which took place on Jun. 1.

Beginning on May 18, the campaign aimed at celebrating running: Both the sport itself and those who embrace them, from new to experienced ones.

“Run With Us” featured three college student-athletes on Name, Image and Likeness deals from three different sports:

Gee Scott, Jr.: A junior tight end for Ohio State University football team.

Gee Scott, Jr. | Champ Sports

Emily Sloan: An NCAA All-American Hurdler who recently graduated of the University of Oregon and joined Duke for next season.

Nico Felich: A social wellness runner and All-State Soccer Player at Grand Canyon University.

Emily Sloan and Nico Felich | Champ Sports

Champs Sports founded Champs Run Club, which seeks to host runs across the United States and promotes running by producing content surrounding passion for the sport.

One promoted effort included a challenged that Champs Sports set up on Strava where they challenged participants to run a total of 15 miles in two weeks, beginning Jun. 1 and Jun. 14. People who successfully complete the challenge will earn a special offer from the store.

Throughout the “Run With Us” campaign, Champs Sports has partnered with local running clubs as well as VIPs to piqué the love for running.

So far, the campaign has made three stops on its journey:

  • Miramar, Fla. (May 21): Champs Sports held the run at Miramar Regional Park and in partnership with Sienna Bravo, a tennis player and runner.
  • Santa Monica, Calif. (May 22): Champs Sports hosted the run in partnership with Movement Runners, a non-profit based in Los Angeles, and Adidas, who provided the shoes and gears to participants.
  • Chicago, Ill. (May 28): Champs Sports hosted the event in partnership with local running clubs Heartbreak and Victory.

The running doesn’t stop on National Running Day though, the latest “Run With Us” event was held today in Dallas.

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