Degree Deodorant Announces Second Annual ‘Breaking Limits Team’

Last Updated on August 10, 2022

As soon as name, image and likeness rules were changed in July 2021 by the NCAA, Degree committed $5 million over five years to “inspire more people to move beyond the limits.” After a successful first year of its campaign, Degree is now launching its plans for Year 2.

The inaugural “Breaking Limits Team” focused on athletes who had overcome personal and societal challenges and engaged in local community projects, content partnerships and more. The program includes a commitment to offering equitable payments in aggregate to women’s and men’s athletes, a mentorship program with Unilever executives, a platform to share the athlete’s untold stories of adversity, and a community program that supported local NGO partners.

This year, 18 new members join the team, with a nationwide search launching to find more athletes.

  • NEW Abby Bauleke – Wheelchair Basketball, University of Alabama
  • NEW Abraham Montano – Football, Fresno State 
  • NEW Caroline Ducharme – Women’s Basketball, University of Connecticut 
  • NEW Chucky Hepburn – Men’s Basketball, University of Wisconsin
  • NEW Edriss Ndiaye – Fencing, Ohio State 
  • NEW Griffin Brooks – Men’s Diving, Princeton University 
  • NEW Jameson Wang – Football, Cornell University 
  • NEW Jayda Coleman – Softball, University of Oklahoma
  • NEW Jordan Chiles – Women’s Gymnastics, UCLA 
  • NEW Junior Colson – Football, University Michigan 
  • NEW Kayleigh Truong – Women’s Basketball, Gonzaga University
  • NEW Kaylynne Truong – Women’s Basketball, Gonzaga University 
  • NEW Langston Wilson – Men’s Basketball, University of Washington
  • NEW Lexi Ellis – Track & Field, University of Oregon
  • NEW Marlee Smith – Wrestling, Arizona State
  • NEW Peyton Sippy – Women’s Cross Country, University of Wisconsin 
  • NEW Ryan Hilinski – Football, Northwestern University
  • NEW Sydni Black – Women’s Lacrosse, Loyola University Maryland
  • Adrian Martinez – Football, Kansas State University
  • Asjia O’Neal – Women’s Volleyball, University of Texas
  • Ayoka Lee – Women’s Basketball, Kansas State University
  • Bailey Moody – Wheelchair Basketball, University of Alabama
  • Charlie Easley – Men’s Basketball, South Dakota State
  • Charlotte Teeter – Women’s Soccer, Texas Tech University
  • Chase Griffin – Football, UCLA
  • Chayla Edwards – Women’s Ice Hockey, University of Wisconsin
  • Gloria Mutiri – Women’s Volleyball, University of Oregon
  • Nimari Burnett – Men’s Basketball, University of Alabama
  • Saquan Singleton – Men’s Basketball, George Mason University

Degree is searching for more college athletes to join them by encouraging athletes to share their Breaking Limits story of adversity via Degree’s Instagram. The selection process begins on August 2, 2022, and concludes on August 17, 2022. Degree will review the entries and select individuals who will receive an offer to join the 2022-2023 #BreakingLimits Team roster.

“Degree was one of the first brands I partnered with, and it really helped launch my NIL career and understand the importance of partnering with a brand whose values you share,” said Chase Griffin of UCLA. “Along with Degree providing a platform to help inspire others with my story, the brand also gave me an incredible mentorship opportunity to speak with representatives within Unilever and I’m thrilled that my new #BreakingLimits teammates will have this same life changing experience.”

This search of athletes follows the Degree® #BreakingLimits inaugural Team in the 2021-2022 academic school year comprised of 23 standout student athletes on and off the court/field/pool. The inaugural class will use their social platforms and voices to help find additional athletes for year two with just as inspiring stories of their own.

“Continuing our commitment to working with college athletes in a thoughtful and meaningful way is Degree’s priority as we believe there is significant opportunity to highlight athletes with diverse backgrounds and stories tied to pertinent topics in culture,” said Desi Okeke, Brand Director for Degree Deodorant. “We look forward to another year of giving college athletes the opportunity to share their stories of adversity with the world to help inspire others.”

“What makes The #BreakingLimits Team program so unique is sitting down with each of these incredible student athletes to learn more about them as human beings,” said Rob Master, Vice President Integrated Marketing and Media for Unilever. “Each one of these athletes has an inspiring story and is a leader of our next generation. Our Company is thrilled to offer them the opportunity to be paired with Unilever executives as part of a mentorship program to ensure post-graduation success with the hope to guide them to a career they’re passionate about.”

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