Early Pricing for Student Athletes Monetizing NIL

Last Updated on October 22, 2021

Correction: An earlier version stated Opendorse’s highest deal today was worth $10,000, but Opendorse has alerted me this was an error and it was $4,000.

There are more platforms out there for student athletes to sign up and join to monetize their name, image and likeness than I can keep up with anymore. I’ve been getting a handful of pitches from companies every day for weeks now!

So, I decided to check out where student athletes are setting their prices right now on some of these platforms.


Opendorse tells me it has sent more than 1,200 offers to student athletes today, the largest for $4,000. The bulk of the deals are in the $50-500 range. The sheer volume, however, speaks to just how many student athletes stand to be able to take advantage of the new opportunities NIL offers.

Approximately 40 brands, plus a few individuals purchasing shout-out type content, made the 1,200+ offers today. One brand, digital delivery brand Gopuff, opened up its offer to every student athlete with a stated goal of pitching every student athlete in the country.

Check out our marketplace tracker to see the platforms student athletes are using


Jenloop is a platform where student athletes can share their rates for social media posts, allowing individuals or businesses to make a deal.

DeVonta Smith, DB at Alabama, has Instagram posts priced at $45 for individuals or $80 for businesses, with Instagram stories at $20 for individuals and $80 for businesses. Tweets run $12 for indivduals and are marked up to $50-60 for businesses, depending on whether it includes a photo.

Teammate Jordan Battle is a little more expensive, ranging from $60-90 for an Instagram post and $15-70 for a tweet. UGA offensive lineman Amarius Mims also starts at $60 for an Instagram post for an individual.

At the time of writing this, only one men’s basketball student athlete was on Jenloop, Texas A&M’s Manny Obaseki. His Instagram posts also start at $60 and tweets at $15.

I didn’t find any female student athletes on Jenloop yet.


Cameo has been in the business of allowing celebrities and athletes to share personalized videos with their fans for a fee for awhile now, so it’s no surprise student athletes began popping up on the platform today.

Tanner Morgan, Minnesota’s quarterback, was one of the first I saw to tweet out about his Cameo account. You can get a shoutout from him for $21.

Here are some others I’ve found so far…


  • Bijan Robinson (Texas RB): $100
  • Jabari Small (Tennessee RB): $25
  • Spencer Rattler (Oklahoma QB): $125

Women’s Basketball

  • Sedona Prince (Oregon): $50
  • Rhyne Howard (Kentucky): $60
  • Kylee Watson (Oregon): $40

Men’s Basketball

  • Daimion Collins (Kentucky): $60
  • Davion Mintz (Kentucky): $25
  • Trent Frazier (Illinois): $45
  • Buddy Boheim (Syracuse): $60


  • Lauren Burke (Texas): $20


  • Kellen Sarver (Illinois): $10


Yoke brings gaming into the mix, giving student athletes the chance to get paid to play videogames against fans. Tweets this morning indicated Yoke was on track to have over 5,000 student athletes signed up.

We dug through some of the football student athletes on the platform and found most were at the standard rate of 200 coins (which equates to $2.99). However, Shaquille O’Neal’s son Shareef O’Neal was one of the few we found at a higher rate of 950 coins, or about $12 per game.


Founded by FSU QB McKenzie Milton and Miami QB D’Eric King, Dreamfield has student athletes you can book for in-person appearances such as autograph signings, meet and greets, photo shoots and also coaching/mentoring events like athletic camps and even private lessons.

Milton and King each have an hourly rate of $2,000. Ole Miss QB Matthew Corral is the highest-priced student athlete currently on the site at $10,000 per hour.

There is currently one basketball student athlete on the platform, FSU’s Matthew Cleveland at $40/hour.

There are several student athletes listed under Softball, Women’s Tennis and Women’s Soccer, but their profiles aren’t complete and don’t yet have hourly rates.

Check out our marketplace tracker to see the platforms student athletes are using

Research assistance provided by my fabulous intern Will Whitmore.

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