Florida State’s Cristina Roque Creates Signature Goalkeeper Glove

Last Updated on March 30, 2023

Florida State goalkeeper Cristina Roque is transcending the sport of soccer for girls everywhere. She recently partnered with Advantage Goalkeeping to design her own signature glove, which is a first in the sport of soccer.

Having secured the opportunity through MarketPryce, the 2021 National Champion and 2022 All-American has been working with Advantage Goalkeeping to develop her signature glove for over a year. This glove is unique in that it is specifically designed for the female hand and features Roque’s own CR logo.

Cristina Roque for Advantage Goalkeeper

“I couldn’t have been in this situation without my teammates,” Roque said. “It’s surreal to make a dream come true with a signature goalie glove designed for a woman’s hand and I’m so honored and excited for what this could bring to the sport. I’m hoping this will give girls inspiration that they can accomplish anything they set their mind to.”

Roque and Advantage Goalkeeping have begun pre-sales of the AGK Pro Roque, which has size dimensions that favor female goalkeepers’ hands, eliminating bulky gloves designed for men. The glove features a German Contact latex grip of professional quality, which extends from the palm to the wrist to assist in catching and securing the ball and Breathaprene backhand material, which is lightweight, breathable and flexible.

Cristina Roque for Advantage Goalkeeper

“We could not be more thrilled to join forces with the incredible Cristina Roque on this groundbreaking NIL partnership,” said Mike Poledna, Founder of Advantage Goalkeeping, “She has crafted a uniquely tailored product to help her, and other female goalkeepers succeed, and we are honored to support her vision.”

“One of the best parts of working alongside Cristina is the shining example she sets as both an athlete and human being: always reliable, hardworking, and professional – yet also so kind-hearted and generous. It’s been such an inspiring experience every step along our journey together.”

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