Honeydew Partners With UF Athletes for Dermatology Access

Last Updated on August 24, 2023

Honeydew has initiated a NIL partnership with University of Florida athletes to offer efficient and high-quality dermatology care. Through Honeydew’s specialized telehealth platform, all Florida athletes can now access complimentary skincare services. 

This collaboration addresses the pressing need for accessible healthcare among athletes, particularly those who may have been historically underrepresented in their respective sports, including a substantial number of female athletes.  

While not all University of Florida athletes have secured NIL deals, this initiative provides a unique opportunity to give every athlete access to the telehealth platform. 

Telehealth services have become a popular alternative compared to traditional in-person healthcare visits for a number of reasons, including long wait times. With a rapid one-day turnaround, Honeydew licensed specialists and FDA-approved treatments become readily available to athletes. 

The partnership empowers athletes to conveniently tap into the platform’s resources while juggling demanding schedules. This suite of services effectively targets conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis. 

“Conditions like acne can disproportionately affect students, significantly impacting their quality of life,” noted David Futoran, Co-Founder and CEO of Honeydew. 

Telehealth services have been instrumental in making transformative treatments like Accutane more accessible to students. 

The challenges of seeking suitable healthcare while balancing academic commitments, travel, and rigorous athletics can prove daunting for college athletes learning independence. This strategic partnership enables athletes to manage their healthcare online, aligned with their individual schedules. 

“Honeydew’s vision extends beyond creating opportunities for our athletes here at Florida; it also offers a tailored solution to address their unique demands as collegiate athletes,” emphasized Ben Chase, Director of NIL Strategy for the Florida Gators. 

The program has already engaged eight athletes, who are actively participating and producing creative content on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. The hashtags #HoneydewPartner and #HoneydewCares accompany their posts, showcasing the partnership’s positive impact. 

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