Kapsul Tech Announces Partnership With University of Houston Defensive Lineman

Last Updated on November 21, 2023

Kapsul Tech, a Canadian research and science company specializing in injury prevention, has announced an NIL sponsorship deal with University of Houston Cougars star defensive lineman Nelson Ceaser. This collaboration marks Kapsul’s first venture into NIL partnerships.

Ceaser, a junior, has integrated Kapsul’s ATLAS Shirt into his game-day attire. The shirt, designed to mitigate the risks of head and neck injuries, features a neck collar made of lightweight, rate-resistant foam, providing crucial support and stability to athletes without compromising their range of motion.

Dr. Daryl Sherman, CEO at Kapsul Tech, expressed excitement about the partnership, emphasizing Ceaser’s dedication to safety as a key factor in selecting him as the brand’s partner athlete.

“Our collaboration with Nelson goes beyond the protective collar; it’s about championing the safety of athletes and securing the future of sports,” Sherman said. “We are proud to embark on this journey with him as a trailblazer in our NIL initiatives.”

Founded with the primary goal of reducing head injuries in sports, Kapsul distinguishes itself by focusing on both the head and neck in its research and development. The company believes this approach stands in contrast to traditional strategies that often concentrate solely on helmets for injury mitigation.

Ceaser, who discovered Kapsul while seeking additional protection from neck stingers, expressed the positive impact the ATLAS Shirt has had on his game-day routine. He believes the reduction in stingers allows him to perform at the highest level each week.

In addition to the NIL deal with Ceaser, Kapsul has actively engaged with other members of the Cougars football team to co-create solutions and apparel options for head and neck protection, particularly in warm and humid conditions.

Kapsul’s future plans include expanding its roster of athlete advocates to further promote safety in sports and extend athletes’ playing careers.


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