Lone Star NIL Launches Statewide Program for Texas College Athletes

The state of Texas is setting a new precedent within the NIL space. Lone Star NIL, the country’s first statewide NIL marketplace, is offering exclusive deals for homegrown college athletes that attend Texas-based colleges and universities.

While Lone Star NIL was founded in June, it is quickly positioning itself as a premiere name, image, and likeness organization. Its goal is to strengthen the relationships between Texas college athletes and the Lone Star states’ business community. 

“We are excited to officially open Lone Star NIL’s registration portal,” said founding CEO Tom Burnett. “Since our initial summer announcement, we’ve been enthused with our continuous planning with strategic advisors, beneficial engagements with college athletes, coaches, and administrators, and insightful review with business leaders.”

The program’s mission is focused on the overall success of the Texas college athlete. Through its comprehensive database, college athletes can connect with Texas-based businesses, both large and small, for NIL opportunities. Moreover, Lone Star NIL provides college athletes with community service and professional and philanthropic opportunities. 

“A key to our program, beyond the core aspect of NIL activity and the obvious financial benefits, is that we are very focused on the holistic opportunities that all college students should have,” added Burnett, a native Texan, former Division I conference commissioner and chair of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Committee. “By connecting professional development, community, and charitable service into our name, image, and likeness program, beyond the transactions central to NIL, we can ensure that students continue developing in the well-round manner that leads to lifelong success, both personally and professionally, likely as productive members of the future Texas workforce.”

Furthermore, college athletes have more mobility today than ever because of the transfer portal. Lone Star NIL launching a Texas-based NIL program makes the state an even more popular destination for its local college athletes. It exemplifies how NIL can empower athletes to leverage their brand while active in sports, and create a solid groundwork of business connections that may open doors to future opportunities beyond their athletic careers.

College athletes on any of Texas’ 116 varsity-level teams are encouraged to register for Lone Star NIL today by visiting its website or by clicking on this link.

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