MarketPryce Gifts 300 College Athletes Products as Part of Holiday Campaign

Last Updated on January 2, 2024

Over 300 college athletes were gifted name, image, and likeness products during the holidays through MarketPryce’s Season of Gifting Campaign. Dr. Squatch, Slate, and Waterdrop were among the brands featured.

The MarketPryce athletes selected gifts and shared them with up to three others. Students at Seton Hall, Virginia, and Michigan played an essential role in promoting the campaign.

“The heart of MarketPryce’s mission is helping brands and student-athletes meet and form valuable relationships,” said Jason Bergman, the founder and CEO of MarketPryce. “Season of Gifting was an exciting way for us to accomplish that and give student-athletes a unique shared experience in gifting their friends.”

Belmont track and field thrower Sabrina Oostburg shared her enthusiasm for the recent campaign, highlighting the value of sharing opportunities with friends and the joy from the experience.

“I’m always looking for ways to make the most of my NIL,” Oostburg said. “This campaign was awesome because it also helped me share opportunities with a couple of friends. Plus, I loved having a case of Slate to bring home after the fall semester.”

Marshall Embraces the Season of Giving

Marshall University earned recognition as MarketPryce’s “Most Generous” school this holiday season, as around 50 college athletes enthusiastically participated in the gift-sharing initiative. This remarkable engagement fostered a sense of community within the university and was a testament to the campaign’s success in connecting college athletes with exciting NIL opportunities.

“We’re proud to see that so many Marshall student-athletes are eagerly chasing NIL opportunities,” said Sean Tuttle, Marshall’s Associate Athletics Director for Compliance. “This was an awesome way for many of them to get their foot in the door to the space and meet some great, national brands.”

House of Premier

One of the more popular brands selected by athletes was House of Premier, an emerging lifestyle apparel brand. Roughly 100 athletes chose products from the brand, providing positive feedback for the company’s founder Ebony Ivey, who identifies the college athlete market as a critical demographic.

“We know how valuable it is to build relationships with student-athletes,” Ivey said. “They bring an effortless authenticity that aligns perfectly with our brand — we can’t wait to ship these gifts out to campuses across the country.”

House Pickleball

House Pickleball became the brand that ran out of available gifts the fastest, confirming the growing popularity of the sport among college athletes.

“MarketPryce’s innovative platform that connects brands with the dynamic world of college sports helped us once again see an inspiring trend,” said Mark Vermylen, the founder of House Pickleball. “The popularity of pickleball continues to grow among young athletes.”

University of Texas swimmer Kelly Pash demonstrated her enthusiasm for the company’s products by purchasing and extending the shared experience to her teammates.

“This is such an easy way for student-athletes to get that first NIL experience or just share a gift with a friend,” the 20-time All-American said. “I’m excited to use my pickleball kit and already looking forward to the next round of gifting.”

Just The Beginning

With the triumph of MarketPryce’s campaign, Bergman envisions further success in the upcoming Valentine’s Day initiative.

“We recognize that student-athletes value shared experiences and the chance to leverage NIL with their peers,” he expressed. “We eagerly anticipate building upon this momentum.”


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