Micconope 1851 Partners with Basepath to Streamline Operations

Last Updated on May 17, 2022

Micconope 1851, an NIL collective organized to assist Florida State student athletes, has entered a partnership with Basepath, a collective operations software provider. This new partnership will ensure that all of Micconope’s transactions are automated, tracked, and monitored through easy-to-use dashboards and monitoring software.

Micconope co-founder Mike Underwood said the partnership allows his collective to ensure all its backend operations are taken care of in a way that’s efficient for the collective, sponsors and the athletes themselves.

“Basepath streamlines what is an incredibly complex operational backend. They allow us to track proof of work for our athletes. They provide an app that reminds them when to complete their contractual obligations, while providing our sponsors and athletes the ability to connect, share content, and visualize marketing analytics data. All of which helps us deliver on our promise of bringing value to our athletes, sponsors, and community.”

Former FSU football athlete James Coleman, who is a cofounder of Micconope, says he feels good about what Basepath offers the athletes their collective plans to assist.

“The biggest thing for today’s athlete is ease of use. Basepath allows the athlete to log deals and track everything about the NIL process in a convenient and efficient manner that will be key in making sure you don’t get caught in a bad spot with NIL enforcement.”

“We are excited about enabling the Micconope vision and strategy,” said Basepath co-founder and CEO Thomas Thomas Jr.. “Using our software, Micconope  will be able to move faster in all aspects of their operations.Contracts, payments, compliance, student-athlete management, sponsor coordination, etc. are all taken care of, allowing the Micconope team to focus on the things that matter most: taking care of Seminole athletes and the communities that they connect with.”

Micconope has also partnered with Athliance, which ensures that collectives in today’s NIL world remain safe and compliant. Through an open API integration, all NIL opportunities from Miccinope1851 will be automatically disclosed and sent directly to Florida State’s compliance department.

Underwood says his collective is ready to focus on its work with athletes and the community now that it has solutions for operations and compliance.

“We are prepared to succeed in all seasons! With Basepath providing the ability to streamline our operations, and Athliance giving us the confidence that all Micconope 1851 deals are compliant, we have been able to move faster while removing the need for additional operational overhead. It has freed up our team to remain focused on what we do best, connecting with our athletes and community.”

Micconope 1851 has already signed several athletes, including football athletes Trey Benson, Robert Scott, Jr., Azareye’h Thomas and Aaron Hester, as well as softball athlete Michaela Edenfield.

Disclosure: Basepath is a sponsor of Business of College Sports

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