MOGL Announces Partnership Between Division III Rhodes College and Clean Energy

Last Updated on March 9, 2023

Unlike Division I, Division III college athletes do not receive athletic scholarships, which can make it hard for college athletes to cover the costs of going to college while also playing on a team. With the advent of NIL, however, Division III college athletes now have the opportunity to earn income through endorsements, sponsorships and other marketing opportunities, like their peers who attend Division I schools.  

Beyond getting the additional income, the NIL space has been able to better prepare college athletes for the classroom, the court and the real world. However, since not all college athletes have had access to NIL, it has made the choice to be a college athlete at certain schools an even more difficult decision. MOGL, an NIL operations software provider and marketplace, is trying to change that status quo with one of its newest partnerships. 

How is MOGL changing the status quo?

MOGL recently announced a new partnership between Rhodes College and Clean Energy. This partnership is unique in that Rhodes College is a Division III liberal arts school based in Memphis, Tennessee. In addition, this partnership will provide NIL opportunities for all Rhodes College college athletes, which will be the first of this kind of partnership for Division III college athletes in the country. 

As part of this partnership, over 150 Rhodes athletes will receive Clean Energy products. Clean Energy at is a clean label, certified organic smoothie in a single-serve packet, and contains only organic fruits and vegetables.

This partnership is a reminder and an example of why it is so important to work with Division II and Division III athletes. As mentioned earlier, NIL opportunities previously have been given to larger schools who often attract talented athletes, so brands have missed a huge market. However, recently more brands have begun to work with Division II and III college athletes, which has allowed them to connect with an underutilized market and the next generation of consumers. 

In MOGL’s recent press release, Ayden Syal, CEO and Co-Founder of MOGL, addressed the new partnership.

“While Division III athletes may not always have the same level of national recognition, they possess a unique combination of drive, dedication, and on campus influence that makes them incredibly attractive as marketing partners and brand ambassadors,” Syal said.

MOGL’s Role

MOGL is an online marketplace that facilitates partnerships with college athletes and businesses. In addition, MOGL provides NIL education to its college athletes, universities and partners.

Given the online nature of the organization, MOGL works to be fully compliant with rules and regulations governing NIL. With their compliance infrastructure, MOGL has provided compliance resources for University partners in addition to access to the marketplace. To learn more about the unique partnerships that MOGL has previously put together, look at my previous article here

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