PlayBooked and Basepath Partner to Offer NIL Collectives a Management Solution

Last Updated on August 2, 2022

PlayBooked, the NIL marketplace co-founded by college athlete Chloe V. Mitchell, has announced a new partnership with Basepath, an NIL operations platform for collectives and universities. Now, collectives, universities, brands and athletes will be able to access an end-to-end platform that allows all aspects of NIL to be managed in one app, complete with robust analytics and a user-friendly interface.

PlayBooked powered by Basepath offers NIL collectives the ability to license proprietary technology to maximize the earning potential of the athletes they’re working with while also have a simplified back-end management system that also allows for efficient disbursement of collective funds. The result is easy operational compliance for both the athletes and the collective.

Via a fully-branded, state-of-the-art, college/university-specific website, web app, and mobile app, PlayBooked works behind the scenes to provide collective athletes with individual and group brand deals. At the same time, Basepath’s automation tool eases the operational burden allowing the collective to focus on fundraising for the athletes.

“PlayBooked powered by Basepath helps collectives execute the right way while offering athletes income-making opportunities and fans the ultimate experience,” explains Keith Mitchell, PlayBooked CEO. “Fans, alumni, supporters, brands, and local businesses can log into the school-specific collective app and peruse athletes from all sports to book appearances, shout outs, and live video chats with their favorite

PlayBooked has spent nearly one million dollars in brand revenue on thousands of athletes and anticipates a fivefold increase in year two. “Companies, including, Fabletics, DoorDash, and Shoe Station, to name a few, have realized that harnessing the power of the college athlete en masse can help move the needle in messaging while providing quantitative results,” says partner Ryan Schinman.

“The combination of PlayBooked’s expertise in sports marketing and brand relationships, coupled with Basepath’s operations technology, forms a best-in-class solution for college athletes and collectives to benefit,” says Thomas Thomas Jr., CEO of Basepath. “Like PlayBooked, our mission is to invest in the lives of the collegiate athlete, and we’re excited to power the PlayBooked platform for our collective partners
and the athletes they serve.”

PlayBooked and Basepath have signed agreements with collectives and organizations, including but not limited to the University of Michigan, Notre Dame, UC Berkeley, Purdue, Michigan State, North Carolina State, Minnesota, TCU, Kansas State, Florida State, and San Diego State. With the new alliance in place, they anticipate having over fifty college collectives signed by the end of the year.


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