Santa Clara Women’s Soccer Team All Get NIL Deals with ChiliSleep

Last Updated on October 22, 2021

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The reigning NCAA Division I women’s soccer champions are all sleeping a little cooler these days thanks to an NIL deal with bed cooling system ChiliSleep. I can personally attest to the difference this will make in their rest and recovery, as I’ve been sleeping on one myself for nearly ten years.

The ChiliSleep cube system is a pad you place on top of your mattress that is cooled (or heated) by water that passes through the pad. You can set a temperature as low as 55° or as high as 115° degrees. With half mattress options or dual cooling zones, you can even stop those fights with your spouse or roommate over the thermostat in your home (I speak from personal experience!). Don’t want a mattress pad? They also have a cooling blanket!

“Science has proven that we sleep deeper, and experience increased recovery, at a cooler body temperature. It’s a very exciting moment to be part of helping such talented student-athletes improve their sleep so they can continue to excel both on the field and in the classroom,” said ChiliSleep CEO and Co-Founder Tara Youngblood.

Ryan Holleman, a Senior Associate Athletic Director at Santa Clara, went so far as to call ChiliSleep’s Cube sleep system a “secret performance weapon.”

Check out the ChiliSleep’s Cube system

“No matter the sport, conditioning is vital. Sleep is the foundation of any good conditioning program, and sleep temperature regulation can make or break an athlete’s performance. Working with ChiliSleep has given us another tool in our sports conditioning toolbox. We’ve long focused on on-field performance tech, but with ChiliSleep, we are now incorporating off-field tech to boost player recovery.”

In addition to social media support, members of the Santa Clara staff will chronicle their sleep health over the season to help share the university’s tech investment priorities for 2022 and beyond. These will also provide key research learnings for ChiliSleep as they continue to develop sleep technology in the future.

In addition to the team deal, forward Kelsey Turnbow—who was drafted 18th overall in the NWSL draft by the Chicago Red Stars and opted to return for another year—received a separate NIL deal from ChiliSleep. She will be a brand spokesperson for ChiliSleep and provide social media support for the brand. She will also be available for media events and will be chronicling her experience with the products as well, providing insight into her life as a student athlete and future professional athlete.

“With juggling rigorous academics and the pressure of trying to repeat as national champions, the Cube is definitely helping to improve how well I feel each day. Not only am I sleeping better than I have in years—I wake up rested and full of energy, even on nights where I only get 6 or 7 hours of sleep,” said Turnbow.

ChiliSleep is trusted by professional athletes like the NFL’s Tre’Davious White and entire teams like the Cincinnati Reds and Seattle Mariners. ChiliSleep also previously did a teamwide deal in college athletics with FSU’s football team.

As many of my readers know, I speak to student athletes about maximizing their NIL opportunities because I monetize my own personal brand in many of the same ways. As such, I have my own ChiliSleep link I’d love for you to use if you’re interested in checking out their products, and I even have some great coupon codes for you if you use my links (below).

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Thank you in advance for letting me share this with you. Affiliate links like this allow me to continue to offer all my articles and trackers for free to readers!


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