Stephen Curry and SC30 Inc. Sign Azzi Fudd to Groundbreaking Brand Relationship

Last Updated on December 1, 2021

UConn Huskies freshman Azzi Fudd has been offered a unique opportunity to work with three-time NBA champion and two-time MVP Stephen Curry and SC30 Inc., the athlete-led organization responsible for Curry’s off-court business endeavors. Fudd met Curry when she attended the Curry Camp as one of only two women back in 2018, and the new relationship will see Curry mentor Fudd.

In addition to personally mentoring Fudd, Curry and the SC30 team will provide her opportunities both on and off the court. The goal is to allow Fudd to concentrate on her education and development and performance on the court while Curry and his team support her brand development. Fudd will also give her perspective and support and promote some of SC30’s key initiatives and businesses.

“Azzi Fudd is the best choice to start a brand relationship like this because she is the next face of women’s basketball and has been a part of SC30 Inc. and the Curry Brand family since she was an invitee to the All American Camp,” said Curry.

“I first learned about Azzi in 2018 when I invited her to participate at the Select Camp alongside one other female athlete. Our values are aligned when it comes to family, and in terms of hard work and for the appreciation of blessings in your life. For me, this is the right time because I have identified the platforms that I have, aligning purpose over profit, and the ability to collaborate with the right partners for the right opportunities. I want to be able to unlock that for Azzi, and for other talented athletes and influencers that see the world the same way I do. It is my hope that we can inspire the next generation of athletes and non-athletes who want to do amazing things.”

Stephen Curry and Azzi Fudd
Curry and Fudd first met in 2018 when she attended Curry Camp (Photo credit: SC30)

Fudd says the partnership is a dream come true.

“I am very excited to continue working with Stephen, and become a part of the SC30 family,” said Fudd. “This is a dream come true for me. Since I first met Steph at his camp a few years ago, I’ve stayed connected to him and have always admired his incredible talent and accomplishments, but also his humility and the impact he has on people. As I continue to focus on becoming the best player and student I can be while in college, I also look forward to broadening my understanding of business and life beyond basketball. This partnership with Steph and his SC30 team will help me do that. I’m really excited about everything we’ll do together in the future.”

The partnership was born from the belief that athletes are often thrust into the business aspects of being an athlete without education or support around how to manage everything and make the most of opportunities. The decisions can be daunting, which is why education and mentorship are key components of the partnership between Curry and Fudd.

“We founded UNLTD Sports Group on the principal belief that athletes—especially young athletes—can benefit from both strong representation and personal development and mentorship opportunities,” said Nick Blatchford and Derek Jackson, co-founders of UNLTD Sports Group, which represents Fudd. “This partnership between Azzi and SC30 Inc. represents a unique, innovative approach for Azzi to become informed and empowered in what it means to become an owner of her brand, while also benefiting from mentorship by one of the greatest athletes – and people – of this generation in Stephen Curry.”

The support from SC30 will help build, protect and monetize Fudd’s personal brand through content development opportunities, events and new brand partnerships. The partnership is also expected to continue to grow the direct relationship between the two.

Fudd also recently signed an NIL deal with BioSteel that includes shares in the company.

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