TexAgs Launching New Trading Card Product Line Through NIL

Last Updated on September 28, 2022

NIL has changed the trading card game, and now TexAgs is getting involved with creating trading cards for Texas A&M athletes.

TexasAg Changing the NIL Merchandise Game

TexasAgs, an independent media entity focused on Texas A&M, recently announced that they are rolling out a new trading card product line. The first round of cards will feature Texas A&M running back Devon Archane, defensive back Antonio Johnson, and wide receiver Ainias Smith. 

Each card will a unique design including different graphics, statistics, and autographs, for each of the respective players. Access to each of these features on the trading card will depend on the subscription level. According to the press release, these are the details of what each trading card includes: 

  • Standard ($5) – The Standard card features statistics and additional information about one of the featured players. 
  • Silver ($25) – The Silver card comes with a glossy, metallic finish and include the same information about the featured player, while supporting the players to a larger degree.
  • Gold ($100) – The Gold card has a unique golden finish. This trading card includes stats and other info regarding one of the players above. 
  • Diamond Signature ($1,000) – There will only be 12 of these produced for each card design and the Diamond Signature card come with a special ‘diamond’ finish as well as all of all the previous benefits mentioned above. Most importantly, this card will include an autograph from the player. 

The cards are available now, so if you are interested in ordering trading cards, check them out here.

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