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Third FSU Collective Launched: Micconope 1851

FSU student athletes now have a third collective working on their behalf with a focus on professional development

Florida State NIL collective
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Last Updated on April 21, 2022

Micconope 1851, LLC announced its launch yesterday and says it’s focused “on the professional and life development skills” of athletes at Florida State University. While this new collective will assist athletes in NIL earning opportunities, it has a mission to go beyond that to help the athletes access successful alumni who can provide educational resources.

Cofounder Mike Underwood said, “We are thrilled to bring Micconope 1851 to life. We believe the word Micconope, which is native Seminole for young chief or leader, embodies the spirit of our platform as we endeavor to help build the next generation of leaders here at FSU.” Underwood went on to add, “Micconope 1851 is here to compliment the other NIL platforms already in existence at FSU.”

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Former FSU football athlete James Coleman is a cofounder and said it was important to him to give back to current athletes to help put them on a path to future success.

“The unique thing about being a Seminole is you are a part of a community that has become successful over a short period of time. To sustain success long term, those of us who have gone out before must reach back and help guide the future leaders toward the path of greater success on and off the field.” Coleman concluded, “Who better to teach a Nole how to be a Nole than a Nole?”

Micconope 1851 plans to launch its website on April 25th, along with announcing several sponsorship deals across multiple sports and opportunities for fans and alumni to get involved.

There are two other existing collectives for Florida State: Rising Spear and Warpath.

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