Tommy Brown Becomes the First College Football Underwear Model Through NIL

Last Updated on October 30, 2022

University of Colorado graduate transfer Tommy Brown made headlines by becoming the first college football underwear supermodel.

Brown signed a NIL agreement with the clothing brand Shinesty. Standing 6-foot-7 and weighing 300 pounds, Brown advertises this deal with an extensive underwear campaign with the line, “when you have a body this good, you deserve to be paid.”

Brown will star in Shinesty’s latest social media campaign, which he describes as a Calvin Klein ad, but with a better looking dude wearing underwear that’s actually comfortable. The campaign will be a remake of some of the most iconic photoshoots within high fashion.

Shinesty’s Creative Director Ben Lauderdale was asked what made the former college football national champion the best prospect for the role.

“Why pick an offensive lineman instead of a flashier position like a QB or wide receiver?” Lauderdale said. “Simple. On the field, Tommy protects the quarterback from sacks. Off the field, Tommy protects his sack with Shinesty’s Ball Hammock® Pouch Underwear.”

One small step for Offensive Lineman Everywhere 

Offensive linemen often do not get enough credit; however, with this NIL deal, I believe we will start to view offensive linemen in a more artistic light.

“Well, it wasn’t really my dream,” Brown said of the deal. “But I’m sure someone dreamt of modeling underwear for a company, and now their dream has come true for me.”

Brown’s modeling deal should open the door for more NIL modeling opportunities for college athletes moving forward.

About Shinesty

Shinesty is a Boulder, Colorado-based clothing brand founded in 2014 by Chris White and Jens Nicolaysen. Shinesty is on a mission to bring an outlandish collection of clothing to fashion.

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