Tracking LifeWallet’s Mission to Sign $10 Million in NIL Deals

Miami businessman John Ruiz has been making headlines after announcing he intends to dedicate $10 million to NIL deals. So far, he’s signed 54 Miami and FIU student athletes in football, baseball, volleyball, swimming and golf to $1.5 million in deals. We’re tracking the deals in the table below.


Ruiz is a trial attorney who founded MSP Recovery, a law firm that specializes in Medicare litigation. It has been valued at $32.6 billion, with Ruiz’s estimated 70% stake valued at over $20 billion.

LifeWallet is a new product from MSP that enables healthcare providers to more easily access a person’s medical history before treatment. It’s described as empowering people “to take control of your health by allowing you access to your own medical and prescription information” by allowing you to store all that information in one place instead of having to request them one-by-one from providers when you need them.

Student athletes receiving NIL deals from LifeWallet will be promoting the new app.

Ruiz also recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of high school baseball athlete Sal Stewart against the Florida High School athletic association for its rules prohibiting high school athletes from participating in NIL deals.

The list of LifeWallet’s NIL deals below will be updated as new information becomes available.

Last updated: April 24, 2022

NIL Trackers





# of Months

Total Payment

Alanys VieraMiamiVolleyballSetter12$6,000.00
Andres BorregalesMiamiFootballKicker12$18,000.00
Angela GrieveMiamiVolleyballOutside Hitter12$6,000.00
Brashard SmithMiamiFootballWide Receiver12$40,000.00
Carson PalmquistMiamiBaseballLeft-handed Pitcher4$6,000.00
Chase SmithMiamiFootballStriker12$30,000.00
Clay JamesMiamiFootballLong Snapper12$12,000.00
Cleveland ReedMiamiFootballOffensive Line12$42,000.00
Cyrus MossMiamiFootballDefensive End12$36,000.00
Delon ScaifeMiamiFootballOffensive Line12$43,000.00
DJ IveyMiamiFootballCornerback12$43,000.00
Don Chaney JrMiamiFootballRunning Back12$30,000.00
Don Chaney Jr*MiamiFootballRunning Back12$10,000.00
Elijah ArroyoMiamiFootballTight End12$40,000.00
Frank Ladson, Jr.MiamiFootballWide Receiver12$40,000.00
Gilbert FriersonMiamiFootballStriker12$50,000.00
Jacey HintonMiamiSwimFreestyle12$6,000.00
Jacob LichenstinMiamiFootballDefensive Line12$36,000.00
Jacolby GeorgeMiamiFootballWide Receiver12$40,000.00
Jahfari HarveyMiamiFootballDefensive Line12$36,000.00
Jake GarciaMiamiFootballQuarterback24$50,000.00
Jake Garcia*MiamiFootballQuarterback24$10,000.00
Jake GarlandMiamiBaseballRight-handed Pitcher4$6,000.00
Jalen RiversMiamiFootballOffensive Line12$43,000.00
James WilliamsMiamiFootballSafety12$43,000.00
Jaylan KnightonMiamiFootballRunning Back12$40,000.00
Kahil BrantlyMiamiFootballTight End12$18,000.00
Kamren KinchensMiamiFootballSafety12$43,000.00
Keontra SmithMiamiFootballStriker12$18,000.00
Keyshawn SmithMiamiFootballWide Receiver12$45,000.00
Leonard TaylorMiamiFootballDefensive Line12$40,000.00
Leonard Taylor*MiamiFootballDefensive Line12$10,000.00
Malik CurtisMiamiFootballCornerback12$12,000.00
Marcus ClarkeMiamiFootballCornerback12$18,000.00
Mason NapperMiamiFootballLong Snapper12$2,500.00
Matthew AntezanaMiamiFootballDefensive Line12$2,500.00
Michael McLaughlinMiamiFootballOffensive Line12$12,000.00
Morgan PankowMiamiGolf12$15,000.00
Morgan Pankow*MiamiGolf12$15,000.00

Nijel Pack





$800,000 plus car

Ousman TraoreMiamiFootballOffensive Line12$12,000.00
Rivaldo FairweatherFIUFootballTight End12$40,000.00
Robbie Ashton Prosek IIMiamiFootballTight End12$5,000.00
Romello BrinsonMiamiFootballWide Receiver12$40,000.00
Ryan RodriguezMiamiFootballOffensive Line12$18,000.00
Te'Cory CouchMiamiFootballCornerback12$18,000.00
Thaddius FranklinMiamiFootballRunning Back12$40,000.00
Tirek Austin CaveMiamiFootballLinebacker12$12,000.00
Tyler Van DykeMiamiFootballQuarterback12$40,000.00
Tyler Van Dyke*MiamiFootballQuarterback12$20,000.00
Tyrese ChambersFIUFootballWide Receiver12$40,000.00
Tyrique StevensonMiamiFootballCornerback12$45,000.00
Waynmon SteedMiamiFootballLinebacker12$18,000.00
Wesley BissaintheMiamiFootballLinebacker12$30,000.00
Will MalloryMiamiFootballTight End12$42,000.00
Xavier RestrepoMiamiFootballWide Receiver12$40,000.00
Zion NelsonMiamiFootballOffensive Line12$43,000.00

*This deal is with Cigarette Racing.

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