UGA’s City Collective Announces Partnership with Basepath

Last Updated on January 21, 2024

Basepath, a leading name, image, and likeness operations software provider, recently announced that it has partnered with several collectives, the including University of Georgia’s City Classic Collective.

Basepath is utilized by collectives, universities, and college athletes for task assignments, payments to college athletes, automated compliance dashboards for athletic officials, and collective contract exchanges. These features aim to enable college athletes to maximize the benefits of their NIL. Basepath has already processed $10 million in athlete payments.

Many users of the software have praised the company for its assistance to college athletes.

“Basepath’s NIL athlete operations software is a game-changer that helps our student-athletes excel both on and off the field,” said Will Cowen, the Chief Operating Officer of Florida State University’s Rising Spear Collective.

The software ensures that college athletes get the maximum benefit through its services while relieving additional stress so that college athletes can spend more time on their academics.

Additionally, Walker Jones, the Executive Director of Ole Miss Grove Collective, highlighted how Basepath has increased efficiency in their operations.

“Through this alliance, we allow the Ole Miss fanbase and community to be closer than ever to help support our student-athletes,” Jones said.

Basepath has secured an integral position in the NIL industry, aiding college athletes with smoother contract management, financial reporting, and content distribution. Athletes use the software to confidently assess NIL agreements, ensuring proper regulatory review and maximizing their NIL revenue potential. The software also employs automated contract processing, allowing athletes to review and sign with DocuSign.

“Through our partnerships with these collectives, we’ve seen evidence of the incredible impact collectives and universities can have in shaping the future of college athletics,” said Thomas Thomas Jr., Basepath’s Co-Founder and CEO. “Basepath is honored to be a trusted and preferred ally supporting our partners’ visions to empower student-athletes, foster financial growth, and nurture professional development.”

Some of the more than 50 collectives across the country using Basepath include:

  • 502 Circle (University of Louisville)
  • Alliance 412 (University of Pittsburgh)
  • Classic City Collective (University of Georgia)
  • Cougar Collective (Washington State University)
  • Crimson Collective (University of Utah)
  • Dinkytown Athletics (University of Minnesota)
  • ICON Collective (University of Illinois)
  • Lonestar NIL (All Texas Schools)
  • MESA Foundation (San Diego State University)
  • On to Victory (Auburn University)
  • Paradise Collective (Florida Atlantic University)
  • Rising Spear (Florida State University)
  • SD4L (Michigan State University)
  • The Grove Collective (Ole Miss)
  • We Will Club and Collective (Iowa State University)

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