ZIYNX To Launch HBCU Athlete-Inspired Podcast

ZIYNX, a name, image, and likeness application that connects college athletes to companies via video, is launching a podcast initiative centered on HBCU athletes. The podcast, which has been given the provisional name Historically Black Culture, will provide the audience with an authentic, in-depth look into the perspective of an HBCU athlete.

This initiative enhances ZIYNX’s standing as an athlete media storytelling platform and introduces another innovative opportunity for NIL engagement.

ZIYNX is still looking for a host for its show and has already received hundreds of applications. College athletes from historically black colleges and universities have until Wednesday, February 21st, to submit their applications. Next week, they will announce the host.

The Historically Black Culture podcast offers HBCU athletes business prospects, including a 50/50 revenue split with ZIYNX and a bespoke apparel line. This partnership will allow participating athletes to leverage their media experience for future opportunities and expand opportunities for other HBCU athletes to amplify their voices.

Podcast platforms have become instrumental in storytelling and branding for college athletes. Initiatives like Clemson’s Athlete Branding Institute have provided NIL education and podcasting resources to its college athletes. At the same time, the University of Wisconsin’s Varsity Collective has launched the podcast shows Varsity Beat and Badger Bigs to showcase the stories of its athletes. Through NIL, more opportunities will be available for athletes to share their stories, thus enriching their communities. The growth of the platform allows college athletes to communicate their experiences, gain knowledge, and participate in the sports business, fostering a deeper connection between athletes and their audiences.

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