Apps, Podcasts and YouTube Channels for Football Fans

Last Updated on May 30, 2024

The same smartphone and tablet devices sports fans use to watch video content and share their views on X can also house a range of other useful resources that can be accessed with ease. American football fans are filled with options here, with a selection of apps, podcasts, YouTube channels, and online publications providing additional insight into the sport they know and love.

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for fans to follow live score updates and listen to podcasts ahead of attending a big encounter on the calendar. Likewise, some football lovers, including Minnesota Vikings fans, might play a football-themed game on a smartphone device in the evenings or soak up a popular YouTube channel’s views on a particular game using a tablet. Put simply, the abundance of material dedicated to one of the world’s most popular sports is quite remarkable and it enables football fanatics to keep tabs on their beloved teams and players fairly easily.

With a number of standout products already being explored by football audiences in 2024, below is a brief look at some of the best options for your respective devices. Whether you’re on iOS or Android, these favored options will certainly keep you in the loop with everything associated with the sport, from Vikings news and views to general reports on the sport and in-depth analysis from knowledgeable personalities. Let’s take a look at some of them below.

NFL fans continue to explore podcasts

Podcasts have risen to prominence in the modern environment. People enjoy listening to podcasts about politics and comedy, for example. NFL fans can also choose from a comprehensive selection of solid productions here. Some podcasts will offer detailed analysis ahead of a huge match-up, others will enable you to explore betting with more confidence given the team news and various views you’ve listened to, while some leading productions provide a comical dive into the sport as a whole. The options are extensive, and they generally appeal to fans of football everywhere.

One of the best productions in this space is Nightcap, a show with NFL legends Shannon Sharpe and Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson. With a strong community of listeners behind it, the pair are clearly doing something right as they tackle the latest headlines and share their various insights into the sport.

God Bless Football is another top podcast, as both Jon “Stugotz” Weiner and Billy Gil, plus a range of weekly guests, take a deep dive into football’s major talking points. Around The NFL is also in demand as it features the latest and greatest news, while Cover 3 College Football is ideal for any diehard fans of college football. The Nat Coombs Show is also worth a listen.

YouTube channels are an excellent resource

If listening to podcasts isn’t really for you, then watching a plethora of content dedicated to the sport might be the perfect alternative. YouTube is a widely used platform by sports fans everywhere, with some channels being the work of passionate fans and others being put together by familiar names and sporting brands. There is a comprehensive selection of football-related content to explore here, although some of it is worth avoiding.

A channel that definitely deserves some serious attention is the official NFL channel. It contains in-game highlights, fantasy football updates, news, and loads more. For more senior fans, taking a look back through the archives with NFL Throwback is another fantastic opportunity, with this well-made channel offering videos around some of the sport’s best stories and memorable past encounters.

Brett Kollmann’s videos also deserve a mention, particularly if you’re keen to hear the views of one of today’s most well-informed commentators. Additionally, budleewiser is another popular YouTuber in the space, while Mic’d Up Football uploads content around trash talk, fails, big hits, and loads more.

While people also explore games, such as Franchise Football 2024, Madden NFL Mobile, and Fanatical Football, apps that are dedicated to the sport also tickle their fancy. Sure, taking a virtual dive into the American football sphere appeals to millions, but the real-life aspect of the sport that is featured through a wide variety of apps does too. Thankfully, football fans aren’t limited here either, with a strong selection of football-related apps being downloaded on iOS and Android devices on a regular basis.

One app every NFL lover should have at their disposal is the official app of the NFL. Similar to the aforementioned YouTube channel, it boasts highlights and video interviews, but also offers fans far more thanks to the inclusion of fascinating statistical insights and up-to-date official news.

If you’re keen to take in every second of the action, then NFL Sunday Ticket is another great app. Users can stream HD quality videos, you can keep tabs on your fantasy leagues with ease, and even be notified when a certain player shines in a particular game. TheScore is also worth looking at here, particularly if you’re after in-depth statistical information around scores, standings, schedules, and loads more.

Additionally, ESPN is a go-to app for football enthusiasts, with this slick option covering pretty much everything to do with the sport.

The Athletic and Yahoo Sports are two other solid apps that also warrant a download.

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