Around the Web – April 23

Last Updated on September 4, 2021

Here are some interesting stories about business in college sports floating around the web to start your weekend:

  • The BCS has delayed their decision regarding the Fiesta Bowl’s status. I still say odds are at least 50-50 the Fiesta Bowl is out and the Cotton Bowl takes its place at Jerry’s World.
  • Utah’s Attorney General says he’ll file an antitrust suit against the BCS in the coming months. Check back on this site next week for my thoughts on why an antitrust suit won’t bring a playoff to college football.
  • Boise State’s AD speaks out against the BCS and urges university presidents to educate themselves on the money they’re losing.
  • Iowa State is going to make a BIG statement with their new video board. Does anyone else think it makes the poor stadium look small?
  • Kansas State is installing new turf which can lower surface temperatures on the field by 18 percent. I’m betting Florida and LSU would never consider such a thing – they like to watch their opponents suffocate from the humidity!

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