College Baseball World Series Betting Analysis

The 2024 College World Series will finally get underway in Omaha. This year is unique because it features four teams from the SEC and four teams from the ACC.  According to most bookmakers, there are two main favorites – Tennessee and Texas A&M. However, the World Series is always difficult to predict, and the odds are never huge.

In this article, we’ll provide an analysis of the series and the possible betting options.  We’ll go over three of the safest bets and why they are smart picks for cautious players.

What’s the Best Way to Bet on the World Series?

Before we get into the teams that have the biggest odds to win this year’s college World Series, let’s go through the best ways to bet. There are many ways to wager on the College Baseball World Series, and the odds differ somewhat based on which sports betting site you choose. Let’s go through the most used ones:


Since its introduction back 1998, Paypal has revolutionized the finance industry. A widely trusted platform, PayPal offers quick and secure transactions regarding baseball betting. It is one of the most used methods by bettors who prefer a more traditional method who has strong protection measures.

Debit Card

Debit cards are a straightforward and widely accepted payment method for baseball bookmakers. Deposits are easy and withdrawals are the same except the restrictions that follow for the different regions of the world. They link directly to your bank account, making it easy to keep track of your spending.


Same as PayPal, crypto payments with the introduction of Bitcoin did revolutionize payments in the early 2010s. Online gambling sites did take notice of that and added it as a way for users to deposit and withdraw with crypto. Through this payment method, bettors have anonymity and reduced transaction fees compared to the traditional methods. The decentralized nature of crypto transactions ensures transparency and security, as they are permanently recorded on the blockchain. To get more information on using Bitcoin to bet on the college Baseball World Series, a comprehensive list of bookmakers with BTC deposits and withdrawals is available on


Skrill is another popular e-wallet known for its low fees and fast processing times. Since its integration with online betting sites, plus its easy transfers and lower fees, it has gained popularity in the online gaming community.


Neteller is a global e-wallet offering instant deposits and withdrawals. Same as skrill, amongst sports betting enthusiasts is commonly used by them because it’s highly regarded for its security features and quick transfers.

Bank Transfer

Bank transfers are one of the most traditional betting methods out there. For those who are more old school and prefer traditional methods, bank transfers are a reliable and secure way to make bets and withdraw money. The only downside is they took longer to process, meaning the money transfer could take up to a couple of days to be completed.

College Baseball World Series Odds

College Baseball World Series Betting Analysis

Many bookmakers feel that Tennessee is the favorite; it may seem so on paper. The Tennessee Volunteers are currently favored to win, according to BTC bookmakers with odds standing at -210. It will trot out lefty Chris Stamos for the first time during the tournament. However, that may not be enough to stand against Florida State this time.

The Noles have arguably the top pitcher in Omaha in sophomore Jamie Arnold.  He was the top 2025 draft prospect who struck out an amazing 155 batters in 100.2 innings this season.  Arnold also has a very low walk rate and an ERA of 2.77 in the year.

FSU also has a good enough offense to match any other team.  Noles rank in the top 10 nationally in both batting average and home runs.  Those are the statistics that speak the most about the offensive capabilities.

.Cam Smith and James Tibbs III are the SEC’s most productive middle-of-the-order bats.  Such a lineup can cause trouble for any other team in the series.

Saturday Road’s Brett Friedlander predicted this week that Florida State would win the national championship, but Saturday Down South’s Derek Peterson made a case for backing Tennessee to win it all earlier this week.

The ACC to Be the Winning Conference

This is the first time that only two conferences will be presented at the World Series.  Both ACC and SEC are sending four teams.  Therefore, many bookmakers have allowed the players to wager on which teams will win and which conferences will not.  Most bookmakers agree that ACC is the favorite.

ACC has the top 3 overall seeds, which makes them underdogs when it comes to statistics, but the game can’t be fully understood with statistics.  According to most bookmakers, the chances are as follows:

  • 61.2% chance for an SEC team to win the title
  • 38.8% chance for an ACC team to win the title

However, due to the difference when it comes to statistics, not all bookmakers provide the same odds.  There’s money to be made by shopping around for better odds.  In some cases, the odds may differ by as much as 12 percent.

When it comes to choosing the champion out of the Conference, chances are with betting on North Carolina.  The same rule applies as different bookmakers have significant odds, and shopping around can significantly increase your winnings.  Florida State is usually everyone’s second choice.

Will Texas A&M Reach The Final?

When it comes to the Bracket no.2 Texas A&M is a favorite.  The group also includes Kentucky, NC State, and Florida. BTC bookmakers listed the Texas A&M Aggies with odds of +170 to win the championship, reflecting their status as a strong contender.  All three teams are, therefore, somewhat flawed, allowing Texas A&M to shine by comparison.  They have issues with pitching that don’t seem to be resolved yet and have been for a while now.

NC State and Florida have had abysmal results on the mound at different times throughout the season.  Kentucky wasn’t that bad, but they are far from the elite status they once had.  The Wildcats have one frontline arm in Trey Pooser, but Texas won’t have to face him, as Pooser is expected to throw in Game 1 against NC State.

Braden Montgomery has suffered a knee injury, and it’s a significant loss, given how good a season he had.  The Aggies have five other hitters who are batting at least .295.  It’s a deep enough bench to make up for Montgomery.

At the same time, on the mound, A&M has one of the best pitching staffs in the country, led by ace Ryan Prager.


The College Baseball World Series is a unique event since this is the first time the format has changed after a while.  This presents an interesting opportunity for betting and minimizing the risks.  There are many bookmakers to choose from, many of whom allow cryptocurrency betting since using crypto has many advantages for both the players and the betting sites.